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      I am trying to get he with my child for Dyslexia. The school says I have to have my child diagnosed firfirst and then they can help. However they have to find a qualified teacher to teach my child. She is in 8th grade and struggling to complete school work. She doest fill out papers because her handwriting is bad. She cannot read and follow directions. She constantly doesn’t want to right abouthings she is not familiar with calling boring or stupid and refuses to even look it up in Google to get more information on the topic.
      If we have an IEP can’t we still get help with her reading. What can I do to get her help?

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      I have ADHD and I have trouble with reading as well. What I find helpful is listening to audio books instead of reading. If you can’t find audiobook textbooks then see if you can record the lessons of the teachers so that she can listen to the notes instead of reading them. Another wonderful tool is read and write. It’s a chrome extension and you can find it in the web store. It allows you to listen to documents instead of reading them. For writing, read and write allows you to speak into your computer and words will be written from what you say. And I can see why she has trouble being motivated, try getting her to do projects on things that interest her, and make it so that she wants to learn instead of and assignment. Example: think of it as a movie, the assignment is the trailer and her job is to unlock all the information she needs to create a movie. I can totally relate to struggles with reading so I hope she knows that she isn’t facing this alone. All the best😊

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      I’m having the same issue with my child as well. Our situation is a little different. He’s 7 and in 2nd grade. School doesn’t start testing till the 3rd grade. As of now it’s highly unlikely he will make it there. I’ve been to the Dr. as of now he isn’t on medicine. He’s also been diagnosed with ADHD. We go in March to Children’s for him to be formal testing. His intervention teacher tested him so he could receive a 504. Well he didn’t score within range to have any kind of assistance. I can’t exactly remember the letters she used I think it was LEP. Which is something his teacher does. Well you have to have 5 out of 6 characteristics. He has 3 out of the 6. Again no help. He’s also at a tutoring center that specializes in Dyslexia. We study several hours nightly, he knows the material. When it comes to the test he flunks. He’s on a kinder/ 1st grade 2nd month reading level. I’m in constant contact with his teachers, principal, and tutoring. I’m not sure what more I can do to help him. I’ve come to the realization he won’t be passed along to 3rd grade which I’m ok with. Getting him the help he needs is the most important thing. I fully understand this won’t happen overnight.

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      Dr. Eric

      If you don’t mind me asking what state?
      The statutes about requiring a medical diagnosis vary from state to state. Here in CA, requiring a medical diagnosis for a learning disability or ADHD would put is in hot water with our Child Find rules.

      Dyselxia and special education is more complex because, I personally believe that neither side explains the issue well.

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