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      My son is 7 years old, diagnosed ADHD, ODD, and anxiety. We have been on Foclain XR 20mg for about 3 months, but it wears off quickly and makes his personality extremely “flat”. Our psychiatrist prescribed Dyanavel XR yesterday. It is a liquid form medicine. I’m having trouble finding anyone that’s used it, so I was hoping someone here might have some experience. I am aware every child is different and we are going to start it and give it the time needed, but I like to hear others experience’s. Thank you for your input!

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      Penny Williams

      I don’t have personal experience with Dyanavel XR, but here’s a good FAQ on this medication: https://www.additudemag.com/medication/dyanavel-xr/.

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      He is doing very well on the Dyanavel XR, we are currently on 4ml (which is 10mg). What I have found out is that no one medication will be 100% effective for him, since he seems to be very resistant to almost all medications. But…this is working for now and helping so I’ll take it!

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      My teen daughter is refusing to take medication because of the long term effects (kidney problems, etc.) Doctor prescribed Dyanavel XR but has any used this to combat ADHD, anxiety and “negative” attitude? Working memory is also a challenge. Thoughts advice? Alternatives?

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