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    I have just been diagnosed with ADD at age 52. I’m predominantlythe inattentive type and have very little hyperactivity. I have always experienced drowsiness after eating during the day and wondered if this is somehow linked to ADD?

    I am not on medication yet, sleep very well at night, exercise and eat healthily. I’ve tried eating low carb, no carb, lots of carbs, high protein, low protein, not eating carbs and protein together etc. but I still feel very drowsy after eating and need to nap. This only happens during the day and never after my evening meal!

    Is this an ADD/ADHD thing? Has anyone else experienced this? Did you find anything to help? Will medication help with this?

    I am so unproductive during the day as I feel fuzzy in the head and so sleepy.

    Thank you for your help

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    Nope, nope, nope! Please consider going to the doctor 🙂

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    It can also be totally normal to get drowsy after a meal…this is because some of the blood in your brain travels down to your intestines/stomach to help digest the food…maybe you eat less in the evening, or different food? Also, in the day, you have already spent quite a bit of your energy…and that it typically Adhd…to get tired…I get this drowsiness too, nothing to do with Adhd.Good luck to you.

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