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      Hi there–not necessarily looking for advance, just really feeling like an idiot.
      This morning I made my regular stop at the Wawa to get my caffeine. In the parking lot, I realized I forgot my phone. (shocker)
      Then I was in a hurry, skipped a step and fell down the stairs. Then I started berating myself because I have an overseas trip next week, and I’m going to be really sore.
      After pulling off the turnpike, I stopped at Sonic to get some Ice so I could start icing it. There was a line of cars going straight-and someone was letting me in. While I was stopped, or at least i thought I was, a truck with a trailer hooked my bumper and pulled it off. I really though they were at fault, but the officer said that a witness said I was turning left and I was partially in their lane (someone graciously made a space to let me in). So I’ve had multiple accident claims in the past several years. My insurance is already high, and now I’m afraid they’re going to cancel me. I’m not a bad driver–really. No moving violations. Just dumb shit like this. I feel like such an idiot. I’m leaving for a 2 week trip to the UK for my 50th birthday in 4 days. So now I’ll be worrying about this. I have been looking forward to this trip for so long. i feel like every time something good comes up in my life, I do something to screw it up. The “funny” thing is yesterday I had a meeting with my shrink telling him that I felt I was in a good place. Now i feel like the biggest f-ing idiot. I just wish I could keep my s**t together. I have a meeting with my ADD coach at 11:15–still kind of rattled, but I think it will be good for me to get some perspective.

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      Dr. Eric

      Are you medicated when you drive?

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      ADHD meds? Yes.

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      Klong, You mentioned you pulled off the turnpike, which tells me
      you’re on the east coast..somewhere.

      Those service plazas are not made for heavy traffic..most times
      you can barely squeak through between cars and big trucks. Bumping
      fenders or bumpers is very common, and certainly nothing worth getting
      your knickers in a twist.

      So, you got in a fender-bender…don’t see any big deal here.
      Happens all the time (like a few hundred times a day..lol).

      Let it go..it’s done, you’ll get your car fixed, and life will
      go on.

      So stop worrying about it, and enjoy your vacation to the UK! 🙂

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