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      Anytime I drink alcohol, it stays in my system for 3-4 days. I’m hungover, lethargic, and irritable, and I get nothing done. A few years ago, I stopped drinking. The fun I have letting loose isn’t worth the messy life it causes. Besides, with my ADHD, I never had trouble letting loose. 🙂 It’s keeping the spontaneity in check that’s hard. I have plans later this week to go out with friends, and once again, I’m the ONLY one not getting drunk. I’m looking forward to it, but also dreading it. It’s a personal choice, but one that few make, and even fewer understand. Anyone else have this experience? Or a different one? Really just curious to get the community’s thoughts.

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      I have the same problem. I’m hung over for two or three days after I drink alcohol. It takes another day or two before I’m back to normal. I just don’t drink anymore. I miss being able to relax and talk with friends over a couple of drinks. That is a great way for me to experience some rare time without having anxiety and second-guessing everything I say before I say it. The pain of the hangover headaches, the loss of energy, and general sense of feeling lousy are too high a price to pay for a few hours of not feeling self-conscious and not worrying about what people think of every move I make or word I say. I’ve often wondered if I’m allergic to alcohol or if my body has a problem breaking down and eliminating the alcohol. Unless you’re capable of just having one drink and then stopping, or can resist the peer pressure to drink, you may need to stop seeing those friends in any situation that involves alcohol. New friends and a new lifestyle (finding and hanging out with exercise and health fanatics) may be your best option. I don’t have the answers. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I’d also like to hear from other people who have this problem.

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      I also have this problem. I think I may be allergic to alcohol or have trouble metabolizing it. Having a couple of drinks with friends is a rare opportunity for me to relax and not be self-conscious of what people think of every move I make and every word I say. I need to let go of that anxiety at least once in a while. I just don’t drink at all now and have no alcohol in my home. You may need to find new friends and a new lifestyle with people who are exercise or health fanatics and also don’t drink. I’m still working on it and don’t know the answers. I’d like to hear from other people with this problem, too.

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      Hi there!

      I’m actually a recovering alcoholic. 6 months sober..my first trip to rehab was at 19, I was having DT and seizures from alcohol withdrawal (I felt like my Irish-native grandpa..AT NINETEEN!)—anyway, I relapsed and relapsed until I was able to treat my adhd with the correct medication…I was encouraged by my sponsor the first time to wait a year before I get on meds, I never did after 2 years, and my adhd symptoms were horrid I couldn’t be a functioning human, even sober..and at the time I didn’t know that’s what it was , and discouragement led me to relapses for years and years. My current sponsor is 13 years sober, and she was a liscemced therapist for 10 years, and had adhd herself! Hers isn’t as extreme as mine (esp my hyperactivity), but she really thought I needed to treat my adhd at the same time of getting sober. When I wasn’t on the meds, the 13 steps never sunk in, and my old sponsor thought my true adhd symptoms were “character defects” (I bet you can guess what that did to my self esteem).

      Anyway, this time, I’ve never been more stable and sane…I take adderral 30 XR with a 10 CR in the morning, then 20 shirt adderral at 5 pm after my 6-mile run after I get off work at 3…this works great!!

      I’m not at all saying you are an alcoholic, but what I am saying is my current sponsor noticed 99 percent of my drinking was triggered by boredom. Adhd is what I call “chronic boredom syndrome” lol. Not that I didn’t have things to do, BUT those things were not stimulating enough!!!! I crave my brain to be aroused, and barely anything (except exercise and maybe my math and computer programming job) does that!! So I drank to be un-bored!! And at parties and bars and such, I got bored..bc without my meds to slow my brain down, socializing is boring. I’m gonna sounds like an asshole, but I medicated, I get bored with people. I can’t engage, bc they aren’t “enough” stimulation, and I have trouble with eye contact and etc. I get antsy bc I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but I can’t stamd it. I was so ashamed I felt that way for so long…but the adderral along with coping skills has helped me learn how to connect with people via active listening, and being able to sit still.

      I truly feel content most days having fun with friends, when before in AA gatherings, people would talk about how fun they were, and I never had fun at all, was bored..and then would think “is this all their is to life?” And I was missing out on personal connection, which is what life is all about!!!

      I don’t go to bars often, unless I have good reason to be there for an event or holiday, but I honestly can say I have zero temptation and have a blast being my goofy self..the booze in others hands aren’t any different than a Coca Cola—it doesn’t even register they are consuming booze! But that’s OnLY if I keep up on my adhd treatment. I guess— what meds you take? Do you struggle with chronic boredom? Would you Junk exercise or something to get endorphins and energy out may decrease temptation?

      Also: maybe focus on what fun you can bring TP the s situation versus what fun you can get out of it. Is adhder’s are fun people!!! Almost entertainment in ourselves lol

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      Long before I had my ADHD diagnosis, I went through a heavy drinking period. Getting drunk in those days meant having more than my usual daily bottle of wine. Funny thing is, I don’t remember ever feeling hungover or anything. That said, I was quite depressed, and that might have just felt worse and overwhelmed any hangover feelings.

      Once I took on my drinking problem, I reduced my usage to a very moderate 2 drinks, one night a week. That’s when the hangovers started! But they helped, because they discouraged me from having anymore. Anytime I even considered a third drink on my one night, I’d think about last week’s hangover.

      Fast forward to my ADHD diagnosis. Now that I’m on Adderall, I don’t get the bad hangovers, but I also don’t even really crave a drink. My one night a week has turned into every other week, sometimes I even skip that. On the very rare occasion I go out with friends, I’ll nurse the same drink for most of the night and just act drunk for fun. 🙂

      I guess my point is, that for some reason I’ve had different reactions to alcohol at different times in my life. I’m not 100% sure why.

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      I’ve realised that drinking alcohol is a very bad way for me to escape my ADHD effects. When I’m tempted to have a drink I pray and meditate trying to find the root cause of why I want to drink. I now avoid people who want to hang out at bars etc as I want to minimize the possibility of a relapse. Taking it one step at a time. Salute to all the special people on this platform. Onwards and upwards.

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