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    Has anyone had their Dr office drug screen them while taking Concerta? My Dr office started a new policy where they are drug testing to see if your taking your medications if they are a controlled substance, but they claim I’m not taking my Concerta. They keep saying that it should of came up on the drug screen as amphetamine but it has not come up and I am taking my medication. Is there anything I can do about this? I don’t think it is fair that I am being ridiculed for not having a false positive for amphetamines when in fact Concerta is not an amphetamine.

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    If you tested positive for any schedule 1 drug they can take you off the medication as well.

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      I know that but they haven’t took me off the medication due to testing positive for a schedule 1. They are saying I am not taking my medication because I have am not testing my positive for amphetamines on a drug screen. I am take my my medication but they insisting I’m not taking them.

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    Maybe the latest script is garbage. Where was it manufactured, can you bring them the bottle and they’ll take a pill and send it off to be analysed?

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    Actually I am brand name Concerta, but either way it is not an amphetamine but may or may not cause a false positive. My insurance requires an authorization for me to get the med and the original drug screen came up negative for amphetamine. The Dr office finally gave me the results of my drug screen that was sent to LabCorp it shown up negative for Concerta(apparently they have a drug screen just for the medication at LabCorp), my blood work came back positive for it though it’s concentration was low. So I’m guessing they need to increase my dosage & may possibly be why the urine screen was negative at LabCorp. Either way I’m tired of jumping though hoops to get my medication due to their sudden policy change requiring a drug screen every time I come into the office. I do understand that they are trying to combat the ongoing drug problems in this very rual area, but enough is enough every time is a bit much and they need to educate themselves some more about stimulant medications because they clearly do not know the difference between amphetamine & methylphenidate.

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    Dr. Eric

    I tried Googling how methylphenidate shows up on amphetamine drug tests.
    Sounds like the consensus is either “Maybe” or “depends on the quality and sensitivity of the test”…

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    Well they actually have LabCorp drug screen specifically for methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is not an amphetamine it is not detectable as such. Either way they found the med in my blood an my kids pediatrician said it metabolizes quickly when they were seen. But apparently I’m not taking my meds stil because the actual office itself not their pediatrician just drug screened my 6 yr old & 11 year old for drugs too. But did not request the one that goes to LabCorp I told the lab girl that they should send it off. I feel so betrayed by the office for this, their Dr said he did not suspect I was selling or taking their meds like the office is accusing me of & that he did not require the drug screen at all.

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    Some ADHD medications can be affected by things like diet. For example, according to Dr. Dodson, citric acid can break down ADHD medication faster and reduce its efficacy. There may be other factors too like the dose, hydration, or other medical issues that could be impacting what’s going on.

    If your office is doing immediate response drug tests (typically ones that are available over the counter) those are not very specific. Lab tests and blood tests are more effective, but also more costly. I think you’re right to keep asking them to check your blood levels and to discuss dosing based on that. You can also ask if there are any other things they would like you to do in order to “prove” that you’re taking your medications.

    It can be really frustrating when providers look for reasons not to prescribe and start withholding medication that is so helpful. It sounds like you’re doing a good job of hanging in there. Good luck!

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