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      I’ll have my high and low days. Sure, there will be days where I feel like the daylight hours didn’t last long enough and I needed more time in the day to get everything done. Other days, I’m motivated in the first half but not the last half or vice versa where I’ll manage to get some things checked off my many lists just to get by. What do you guys do when you don’t have any motivation to do anything though throughout the entire day? I’m about a month on Cymbalta after switching from Effexor, which numbed me and put me in the fog. I have many more days since the switch where I feel like I’m myself again. The lack of motivation though worries me. I know Effexor helped me with ADHD so maybe going from something that helped to not is making a difference. I don’t want to go back on something for ADHD, like strictly like Ritalin, not yet at least. Does anyone have tips or tricks to help with getting tasks done that doesn’t involve medicine?

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      Penny Williams

      Motivation can be tricky with an ADHD brain, especially for non-preferred tasks. This article offers some strategies:

      What’s My Motivation? (No, Seriously, I Need to Get Started.)

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        Hi there, just out of interest, what does your diet and exercise routine look like through the week? I’ve found that makes a tremendous impact to days when I’m am struggling to get focussed or lock in to whatever it is that needs to be achieved ?

        I’ve learned many little tips and tricks over the years as I run a small media agency but have those exact same off days so had to find ways around them.

        Happy to chat through my Learnings over the years. Cheers. Rob

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      I am curious as to what your experience with Ritalin was in the past. I found Ritalin helped me immensely with mood/motivation.

      Something I do daily to get my chores done is play music on Alexa. It is the only way I can motivate myself. I play a little Cars or Genesis and I feel like a teenager again. Chores are done easy peasy😊

      At other times, I use a timer. That way I know that my focus will be on one thing until the timer goes off and it won’t last forever.

      Another trick is 30 minutes of exercise to raise dopamine levels and a nice snack of fat and protein to raise serotonin levels.

      Hope that helps


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        Ritalin was great for me to get things done. I’d focus so well. The only downside was I wouldn’t eat…*shrug*…yet once it wore off I felt like I wouldn’t stop eating. Another stinky side effect was that when it was active in my system, my anxiety would increase.

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