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      Hi i am the mom of 7 yr pld boy girl twin s.they were born at 34 week weight ing a little over 4 pounds each. I have been told both have I D .my daughter also has odd.lately her tantrum s have reach new hogh last 2 hours .the last one i had tp restrain her fron trying to hurt me and her twin brother.i lost not sure what step o should take next. Os this normal or should i put her in therapy. Have anyone else’s deal with this? What did u do?.also they have iep and special class but they still not reading. Is their a way i can help them more.i don’t want to be so behind that theyvcan never catch up . first time mom please share your advice

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      Penny Williams

      Behavior therapy can help with anger and aggression. She probably has poor emotional regulation and frustration tolerance skills. They can work on these things in occupational therapy as well.

      If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend reading Ross Greene’s book, “The Explosive Child,” and using his approach with both your kids. Implemented correctly and consistently, it will change your lives.

      Here’s a taste of what he offers in the book:

      Time for Plan B? 10 Tips for Dealing with an Explosive Child

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