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      Hi there ,

      I’m going to inquire with my doctor, but I often feel like a weirdo, and when I talk about things here (she’s in an adhd speciality center and the recommend this site for support and info) I realize I just have adhd!! Lol

      Anyway, long story short (or as short as I can make it haha). My d routine:

      Adderral 30 xr with a 10 xr (kinda makes it like a 40 xr) at 8 am as I walk into work, woke 8-2 (miracle I am a good employee , my job embraces my adhd as a data scientist BUT I gotta sit still without my kicky legs and hyperactivity tormenting me ya know? This is low strength considering the severity of ADHD). Anyway, 40 min drive home, would go on a brutal 60 min run or 45 min worth of tabata cycles aka if I don’t make it brutal I get bored. Plus this releases same chemicals I guess as med, but only lasts 60ish min after, so… my dose of 20 mg short acting adderral I would take between 5 and 6 on. My do knows taking it then way better, and i had been sound asleep by 10:30 on nightly/

      Well life happens and my bf who works 5pm – 12 (midnight) made some mistakes and finally getting help, yet I have to drive him 25 min two and from work. Driving is torture and no time to workout near as much and routine all out of whack.

      I switched to 30 xr and 30 xr in afternoon, started Monday and wow I can get to sleep by 12:30 and my boss allows me to do split shifts and come in at 10 am instead of eight!!! My sleep was awful before switching from it to xr foe aecond doae../ my question , potency is lower , and it seems like o work best of I do 5 hours in between, fast fast metabolism (except transform and seroquel made me stuck stupid lol like poisoned..but all other meds metabolize fast). I think even 4 hours may be best. Even a small overlap wouldn’t be bad bc that would be time I needed the strength higher.

      Gonna leave note/message with doc. Even taking my med later (5 hours before bed) helps my backwards brain sleep bc I stay on track with bedtime routine aka get to bed within the hour of being home versus 3 hours due to Lol Logan hahah.

      Is this unheard of? To take 5 hours apart or even a third dose?

      I’m so strange I feel like, like the backwards light switch in my house, ya gotta slip it the opposite way to turn on. At first you think it’s broken, but then realize it isn’t just gotta slip it opposite and then it shines as right as all the others 🙂 have been squeezing in 29-30 tabata to wear out my legs too just scattered

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