Don't tell me what to do. How stubborn can we become.?

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      Not sure how this blog is gonna come out but by far this topic has got to be the most frustrating of them all.

      From the day I was born my grandma told me she thought i was going to pop an artery with the kickin and screamin i did when it was time to change me. Not much has changed in many respects. Don’t tell me what to do even if it’s me telling this to myself.

      I have ADHD really bad it’s confirmed yet the one thing that holds me back from any kind of perfect day is not listening to what I should be doing next.


      Writing it down works comparing notes with others works. There are so many solutions here on this forum yet instead of having a predictable productive day, I will wake up stubborn and cause all kinds of chaos for myself probably because that’s what I am comfortable with. Becoming productive is probably the number one topic I have found.We want to have some sense of purpose and meaning.

      This works every time.

      Write down the goals for the day (should be done the night before) get an egg timer and split up the projects one project at a time. Set the egg timer for 20 minutes after it rings break for 5 minutes, a little longer if you want then go back to the project you have been working on. Wash rinse and repeat, until you finished what you started. The idea is to not go on to something else until this one project is finished. And to break down bigger projects so they don’t seem so impossible.

      Experienced counselors and people here know this works. There would never be another discussion about feeling productive because you would be productive. Yet at night when I know I should be writing stuff for the next day I’ll turn on the tv or play with my dogs, The next day comes I’ll show you pop up and I will attempt to do this whole thing without a list or writing anything down. At the end of a day when nothing gets done, I’ll beat myself up call myself an idiot and then probably do the same again.

      If you look up the word “idiot” it says “emotional stability of a 2-year-old. I am 60.I know about my lack of executive functions I have been studying this stuff for 8 years and even have a website named Crazybrainz music to show I know what I am talking about. Yet to apply it is a completely different and frustrating bear.

      Ok that’s my rant for the day hope this helps someone, please chime in if you can relate.

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