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      I was recently diagnosed with inattentive adhd. Have worked up to a prescription of 20 mg xr every morning and 10mg IR as needed in the afternoon. I would much rather do two doses of 20 mg xr per day as I don’t really like the Adderall IR. Is there any precedent for this? Will my doc be ok will prescribing that? Does anyone else not prefer the IR experience

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      Penny Williams

      I have seen some people prescribed two XR doses in a day. It’s uncommon but it does happen. The only way to know if your doctor is open to it is to ask them.

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      Just ask your doctor if you can take all xr, you don’t like the IR and take one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The doctors I have spoke with won’t prescribe the XR and IR together. When I mentioned taking one in the afternoon one time my doctor said not to do that. I would rather take one in the morning and one later to last all day.

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