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      So my daughter is 8. Very full of energy not in a disruptive way or anything. She has no problems socially with making or keeping friends and she’s very outgoing. She seems to have been struggling with test taking at school. She gets distracted. She’ll do fine on the first section, bomb the middle and then be fine by the end. She also has needed tons of prompting to stay on task at school and has been having issues focusing. This has always been something that’s been an issue for her. She’s kind of impulsive and blurts out answers without even fully thinking them through, like she wants to plead you by saying something. I’ve gotten her tested before because her 1st grade teacher really pushed for it and they came back that she was fine but I wasn’t sure if im just overthinking possibly having her tested again.

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      Not overeacting mommy knows best. We have a 9 year daughter. She always had trouble connecting and she also can not finished standardized test because they are to long. She can not stay still and she can’t sit in a straight position. Also though that she has ADD but was never diagnosed until recently we went out of the box and started doing research about neorofeedback. We are going to start next week. I just want to shared with you that with concentration we give her a natural calm relaxing magnesium supplement. You can get it from amazon it has like 4000 reviews and we only do half the dosages every night is a powder and it really works for concentration and focus.

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      Penny Williams

      When kids are young (like 1st grade), true symptoms are more likely to be dismissed as just being a kid. If she’s struggling with focusing where it’s impacting school or life, then I’d personally get another opinion through another evaluation.

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