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      Hey, I’m new to this thread so forgive me if I do anything wrong. I’m from Brazil and around here ADHD treatment is pretty behind some other countries. I was diagnosed ADD (inattentive) but I’ve been thinking that I might be in Autism Spectrum, as a high functioning. I’m aware that many doctors pass through the disorder when it’s presented in a milder form, specially when one is ADD or ADHD with comorbid ASD. I’ve been on stims and none of them seem to help my symptoms consistently. I’ve been treating depression and anxiety with Lexapro which made my lack of attention and motivation worse while relieving anxiety. Now I’m on Effexor 150mg (upped from 75mg 5 days ago) and Vyvanse 40mg and it does feel like I’m locked inside my own thoughts. That used to happen more intensely when I was on Lexapro but still happens whenever I’m on stims. I feel more spacey, deal with more intrusive thoughts and spend lots of time to make a simple decision. Sometimes it does help to get things done when it just kicks in but that’s it. My attention doesn’t seem to improve. Can someone on ASD with comorbid ADD take stimulants? Or even someone on ASD only. I don’t know if I might be on ASD or if it’s really ADHD or both. Most doctors here are not prepared to treat or diagnose it. I really need some advices! Almost desperate.

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      Olá, eu sou brasileira também e tomo Venvanse. Sinto muito com essa falta de preparo para lidar com TDAH nos adultos aqui no Brasil.
      Estou na dúvida também paro com o Venvanse 75mg e passo para o Conserta. Iniciei Lexapro também.
      Qualquer coisa podemos conversar mais. Grande abraço.

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      Penny Williams

      My own child has both ADHD and ASD and he really struggled with medication. It lost effectiveness. He’d have rare and serious side effects, or he’d perseverate too much and get compulsively stuck on things. Ultimately, at age 16 we stopped stimulant medication and he does better without it. A couple therapists told me that individuals with ASD are often super sensitive to near-meds.

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