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      Just kind of curious if this is an Adhd thing or if it might be something else, I know everyone always says people with adhd have problems with time management and what not but what about being on time places, is it normally with adhd to stress out about being somewhere on time like if you know you gotta be somewhere at say 1:00pm do you just kinda stress and feel like if i dont leave at this time im gonna end up being late, or even making a phone call planning on what to say and stressing when they dont answer that there either not gonna call back or thats not good that you didnt get an answer right away and waiting for a return call just seems like an eternity and just leads you to stress and over think about it. Just wondering if anyone else with adhd goes through this or is it just me.

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      Yes it does. I get anxiety attacks. I’m late most of the time even when I start getting ready early.

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      Oh yes – I am early to everything and often end up waiting outside because I’m too early. I over compensate for my poor time management by setting off early to everything. I didn’t think of it as anxiety but maybe it is. 🙂

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      Holy crap I hear that! I am often frustrated about not being able to leave to go to places on time myself, and not just showing up on time either. I also stress over not buying certain items within a certain time frame. My issue though is the fact that I do not drive. And nobody has time to drive me places. Nothing against my parents, but I know they have jobs and I know that would be wrong to make them late over something insignificant even if its important to me.

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