Does parenting impact ADHD child symptoms?

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      I’ve had a feeling that I have ADHD for the last two years.

      However, I recently signed myself up for a diagnose.
      After a couple of intake interviews, with my parents too.

      So what happened when I was a child, I was parented quite well.
      I learned how to respect others, and learned how to control myself as a child.
      But, after growing to an older stage in life. This has been harder and harder…
      Which seems very weird..? Usually it’s the opposite.

      Now the real question, can I still take an adult diagnose?
      Since the parenting impacted my childhood, it didn’t seem like I had it.
      And that’s how my parents saw it aswell, and they’ve answered as if I wasn’t impulsive/inattentive.

      Many thanks for reading through this, and taking the time.

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      Penny Williams

      The way a child with ADHD is parented impacts them GREATLY. Positive, collaborative, compassionate parenting reduces behavior issues.

      If you suspect you have ADHD, get evaluated and you’ll know for sure.

      [Self-Test] Do I Have ADHD? Symptom Test for Adults

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hey, thanks for the reply.

      I just got word that I’m allowed to do an evaluation based on taking the medication, and seeing the results from that.

      Because it’s a weird situation, where my dad got questioned of my childhood. But sadly he was mostly working at that time, and there was nobody else that could that the position of “valid information”. So we’re doing it like this now.

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