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      I was diagnosed with acute ADHD by a neuropsychologist only about two years ago. I will turn 70 years of age next month. I am concerned that my symptoms will become worse as I continue to age. Is this true?

      My PCP Doctor is referring me to a local psychiatrist within the next few weeks, who understands the ADHD mind. Along with a medication change, this should help me a great deal.

      If there is anyone out there who has had a lifetime battle with ADHD, maybe you could tell me whether the condition improves with time, should I get regular treatment and medication now.


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      Penny Williams

      Here are some insights on ADHD and the aging brain:

      Inside the Aging ADHD Brain

      Adults with ADHD Are Happier & More Satisfied After 60 (Despite Their Messy Closets)

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hi ghh i would be donsense44 as i will be 73 this year. I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out what about me was wrong. And then 5 years ago i was prescribed venlafaxine for a major depression. It took several months to overcome but gradually i was feeling better and better about my self. I learned that i had ADHD a little over 2 years ago and have kept track ever since. I also can look back (gifted when it comes to memory) and note the issues that are harder and harder to keep in the closet so to speak. Anger and nasty putdowns are the worst til the medication became established. Now i am much more laid back and road rage almost never occurs. On the otherhand i blurt out things a lot more often than i used to and accept that those have consequences. Even though i lose things still and am terrible at remembering where my keys, comb, wallet, money amd whatever, it no longer bothers me and i often laugh at the silly places things get left in. The meds have actually improved my ability to recount my movements and locate things that way. I do spend a lot of time singing in chorus and that definitely adds the Dopamine to my system and i insist on getting enough sleep what used to be 7 is now 9 hours. And i just generally feel good about things. Give or take the 7 different meds i now take from 1 five years ago. I let myself off now when i make a mistake and have definitely lowered my expectations of things i am attempting or learning. At the moment i am learning Mozarts requiem for a concert later this month. (,Bass) and in previous times i would never have attempted it. My relationships with my son has improved immensely. He is adhd as is my grandson my daughters child and we have a great relationship as well. Timeliness is as bad as ever.
      So does it get worse, no much better when you are on the right med, but you do notice that the screening criteria for dimentia are all normal symptoms of ADHD and that is a bit woorrisome until you realize that someone is trying to sell something most of the time and this comeon will bring ADHDers like bees to flowers.
      And we are awfully impulsive at purchasing things .

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      I should have also mentioned that attending a series of support group meetings was very beneficial. Iconvinced a friend 10 years younger than i to attemd as well. He had been diagnosed just after his daughter was, but had not sought any treatment. The support group was an inspiration to both of us. That all these people most half my age or less had the same problems that we had, lived the same nightmare, and needed the same supports was an eyeopener. I strongly recommend it if you havent already attended.

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        I’m replying to donsense’s last two comments addressed to me on Aug 10th.

        Since I have only known about my ADHD since Nov 2015, I really can’t tell if I’m getting better, getting worse or staying about the same. My problem as far as joining an open ADHD support group is that I live in Prescott, AZ where the total population in the area is under 100,000. So, assuming that only about 9% of adults over age 18 still have the condition, that’s a potential group of around 6,300 (assuming 70% are over age 18).

        As I mentioned, my PCP physician is currently researching the behavioral heath doctors in our area for one or more that have experience with ADHD patients. I’ll report back in this forum about the final results of my first month of treatments. Possibly, the doctor I finally see will know of an open support group I can join. That would be GREAT!

        I have also been taking Venlafaxine daily (75 mgs capsules) for the last three years and it has kept me calm and anxiety free. I’ve had very few emotional outbursts, or melt downs, since that medication has gotten into my system. I also take Lexapro (10 mgs) daily to ward off depression. I’ve had four major clinical depression episodes over the past 30 years, each of them lasting over three years. I truly believe that my ADHD condition has been the catalyst which started my depressive episodes. So, I’m very excited about meeting with an ADHD Psychiatrist in the near future and possibly obtaining a new medication. My PCP in Tucson, where I lived before moving to Prescott 20 months ago, prescribed Amphetamine Salts, which my doctor’s office here will no longer prescribe.

        Good to hear from you and to know that there are others in the Adult ADHD world who may have had similar life experiences. Let’s keep the dialog going, this is good!

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      ADHD isn’t progressive. 🙂

      It’s worse as experienced when you have less external structure and more plates to spin. Retirees have less external structure but fewer plates to spin.

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