Does Additude have an online forums for Teens?

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    Hi my son is 16 and would like to ck out online forums regarding ADHD. I see tabs for Parents/Adults n Professional but not teens -looking for a forum where they can share n support each other.
    Tonight started out with me getting home n findings one of his friend at our home, without, my son asking for permission to have friends over on a weeknight. I kept my cool and informed his friend that my son is not allowed to have friends over when I’m not home, His friend apologise and left. I was anticipating a big blow out from my son. I reminded my son about the house rules-which he has violated several times. After we argued for a few minutes – my son went to his room and returned, minutes later and began to express that he was feeling like a failure and he didn’t mean to disobey the house rules. I was in shock and allowed him to share his feelings. I Thank God for these forums and the tools Additude has given me to deal with ADHD. FINALLY after several years and attempt to get my son to understand how ADHD affect us- he is ready to take his 1 Step in finding out tool n suggestions. I told him about this site n how it has helped me. Tomorrow we have a meeting at his school to discuss his failing grades. I have asked the schools mental health provider to attend and be an advocate for my son. We will discuss: how his teachers can help motivate students with ADHD- for the 1000th time. :/ Taking life a Day at a time with No expectations. Thanks n Good night.

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    if you scroll down the main discussion page to “browse ADDitude forums” or whatever it says (lol) there’s a teen & young adults section, which you also just posted this in

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      Tk U for ur reply. Yes i found it after I posted. It was confusing bcuz I found as a link in parents.

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