Doctor's Oversight Leading to Two Days off Concerta. Advice?

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      Because Concerta is a controlled substance, as Im sure you’re all aware,it’s highly regulated, and you can only get it filled in very narrow windows, which run right up against when that prescription runs out. This highly regulated system is ridiculous and just asking for glitches, one of which I have, at last, found myself in.

      I tried to fill my prescription yesterday, and it was pointed out to me that, because my doctor failed to sign it, that I could not get it filled. I contacted my doctor, but since he lives in another city and has to send the physical paper prescriptions to me, they will not arrive until Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, today was my last day with this month’s prescription, meaning I’ll be completely without for the first time in a long time. I’ve forgotten my medication before once or twice, and it’s never pleasant, but I’ve never gone more than 1 day without. Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous.

      Besides drinking lots of coffee and just trying to be very vigilant with my attention, does anyone else who has gone through this before provide some advice? I am trying to be calm and confident, but I am worried how it will affect my work/interpersonal relationships.

      I look forward to your comments.



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      I have had this happen but it was a pharmacy oversight and it was absolutely miserable (wrong date entered in drug database).It makes me so angry that people who really depend on this medication have so much trouble getting it due to the abuse of others. Nonetheless, I survived but it wasn’t easy. Honestly, nothing else can make it better but I suggest taking a day of rest and move obligations if possible. Try not to make any decisions or tackle any big projects. Coffee and caffeine were pretty much the best options. To prevent this from happening I actually switched from a major pharmacy chain to an independent pharmacy. I have a relationship and know my pharmacist now. He orders my medication and has it ready on the day. If this were to happen again and you know your pharmacist, they might be able to call the doctor for approval then give you your medication before the signature has arrived. I highly suggest moving to an independent if there’s one in your area. Good luck I know it’s tough but hopefully only a day or two.

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