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      Hemanth Chowdary

      I am not an native English speaker so forgive me if I make any grammatical mistakes.
      my age is 16. I am currently in high school. I was browsing ADHD symptoms from Wikipedia articles, and shockingly, I do have most of the symptoms, though not all. I then took a few online ADHD tests and all of them concluded that I have ADHD.
      I am good at academics, and the only reason is my self study and my high intellect/IQ.
      I cannot read any book/page/text slowly line by line, I skim through the text again and again to get conceptual clarity.
      I rarely concentrate in my class, I never listen to my lecturers while they’re teaching , no matter how hard I try , I will just daydream (I daydream most of the time) yet i managed to get high score, and I used to be one of the top students before high school. Now I am doing just fine.
      I am very much interested in Coding & Robotics its my hobby, and I am super focused in it, I Literally learnt quite a few coding languages almost up to expert level in a week, made quite a few high level robots (my parents think I am a prodigy). I also have a high IQ which is measured by taking online quizzes.
      except my tech hobby(robotics & coding), I am a master procrastinator, I am never consistent in my studies, whatever work be it, I always procrastinate it and I have never in my life completed a task which I had planned to do, I always leave it midway or get distracted and I want to change the subject or task. I am very clumsy in handling things.
      Sometimes when in a task my mind just goes blank and I lose track of what I was doing(especially while reading and solving math problems). even when I am trying to write this post, I am forgetting my thoughts and I am trying to recollect my thoughts.
      I always love to plan my task, I make charts and time tables, and ..I never follow them completely.
      I have problems in , I forgot what to write 🙁
      I am very fidgety and always fiddle with whatever object is near me- chairs, bottles, pencils, ruler, glass etc. and I constantly shake my legs and I feel restless.
      I am always confused when anyone gives me any sorts of instructions- I think everything to the detail and have doubts on the instructions, people (my parents too) always tell me- “Be normal”, “think normally like other people”, “why are you so fidgety” , “can’t you be calm!” , “do yo have OCD?”;
      I am kind of extrovert, and I have difficulties in expressing myself, continuing the conversation, and I can’t engage in conversations easily, I can talk only about few topics. I constantly think , and my thoughts wander .
      I have the reputation of being the Quietest kid in the class among my teachers and some students, but according to my friends I am very talkative, boring, and I tend to repeat things. I cannot tell anyone’s mood, by looking their faces and I sometimes can’t tell if that person is bored/anxious by looking at their faces. I can’t engage in group conversations and I talk to only my close friends. my friends and parents are annoyed by me and tell that I am just lazy and being delusional.
      I get good grades, and most of the times I learn the entire chapter just the night before exam. and there are many more issues I have and I think I already wrote enough. please tell me weather I actually have ADHD or I am being delusional. and if yes then should I tell my parents about it.

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      Your situation reminds me very much of my own situation with ADHD. Just from reading your post it very well seems as if you could have ADHD. However, most of the time or at least is the severe circumstances it effects your grades. However, it does not in your situation. I don’t think it would be a bad thing to bring it up to your parents. If you do have it, it would help for them to understand how you perceive things through there own eyes. However, its not a necessity sense it doesn’t seem to impact your grades, so you wouldn’t need medicine. If your parents are the open type and would be willing to get you certifiably diagnosed I don’t see the harm in it. When my own parents learned about the disadvantage and struggles children with ADHD go through it made our relationships much better. Personally, it is up to you to decide if you want to tell them or not.

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      Penny Williams

      Only a professional can evaluate you for ADHD and confirm any diagnosis. I would consider autism spectrum disorder a possibility as well — you have some of the subtle symptoms potentially.

      The Full Library of ADHD Tests and Assessments for Related Conditions

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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