Do I quit my job and work for myself?

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      Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with ADD and it was been really helpful to realise that what I have experienced my whole life is not just an inability to cope. Anyway, I have always been very focused on my work and perfectionism has made me successful on the one hand, and stressed/burnt out on the other. I decided to become self-employed last year and although I really enjoyed the freedom I found I was getting nothing done without the pressure of a boss – I also lacked the confidence to promote my services. I then decided to take a part-time job working from home and to be fair it has been a disaster. I’ve just ended up working full time on part-time pay as it is an incredibly busy role and I find it very hard to prioritise or switch off. Does anybody have any advice on what I could do to restore my mental health? Do I keep working part time and struggle on with the extra hours? Or go back to self-employment and find a different way to make it work? I’m doing all of this in the context of having a young family who need me fully there, not just in body. Grateful for any advice.

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      It sounds like you have learned very good coping skills in dealing with your ADD, which is excellent in a business sense. I would sit down and outline all the skills that you have & services that you can offer to others should you want to work for yourself. Virtual businesses can be started with very little money if done correctly and will likely allow you more time and flexibility to spend time with your family.

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      Hi. Interesting question. I also don’t like my job and I understand that every day I waste 8 hours of my life. I want to quit but I really afraid to do it. I don’t know what else I can do to work for myself. Sorry that I didn’t give you any advice on what you should do.

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