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      I’am 24 years old It’s been years that I knew that I have something wrong, I never knew what it is I thought that it was something physical and it bothered me so much.
      I procrastinate a lot, tired all the time always doing things the last minute, I tend to be forgetful even in the small topics like what I had for dinner yesterday and I never remember where I put my keys, from Middle-school till college (even with private tutors) I don’t remember getting through one subject without daydreaming even when someone is talking to me and I’m looking into his eyes I get distracted a lot.. a lot!, i’am bored all the time, always anxious and stressed and if I’m not biting my nails I’m fidgeting my leg ALL THE TIME for years, i could never sit still when learning something new or that can help me with work and that’s not the worse part, I’m supposed to be a web developer and a promising entrepreneur with very good ideas and always thinking outside the box.., I lost count of how many good ideas I came up with but never went through with it, I failed every project, every dream, every opportunity, every time I get motivated at first and then something happen, it’s like the motivation vanish and get replaced with boredom, laziness and can do anything but that, I deceived everyone nobody take me seriously anymore when talking about an idea like i’m the guy that always talking and wont do anything, i hated myself because it’s true and i keep watching my friends moving forward and i’m standing still and deep inside i knew something is wrong and i hope that it’s my fault.

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      Well, it sounds to me like you do. I was in the exact same boat not too long ago. It might be hard, but what you need to do is decide that you will only start things that you will definitely finish. Start small, maybe with something like a short jog. Tell yourself before you do it, “I am going to jog for exactly one mile.” Then do it. Don’t go over, don’t go below. Do exactly what you set out to do, whatever it is. Just keep the goals small and realistic at first and then eventually you can move that habit of finishing things into work and school. I hope this helps. Medication might also help, it helped me quite a lot.

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        @Chris3467 Thank you for the advice ill try the step by step thing i think it might work, i ll go see a specialist to get diagnosed that will make it easy for the medication

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      Definitely get evaluated. I went to a psychiatrist because I wanted an MD that I could discuss my severe memory problems. I had brain surgery a year prior so I thought memory issues were related to that but it turns out that I my surgery flipped a switch triggering my ADD into high gear. The diagnosis explained a lot of issues in my life including super low self esteem. Turns out that I’m not dumb. I’m not lazy for skipping around from career to career because I didn’t want to invest time in any one of them. The uninteresting project management career that I landed on allows me to continuously move from task to task to task. About 2months ago I finally was treated. I take Wellbutrin and with ONE dose I could feel my baseline completely change. I could stop moving and actually be present in my life. And for the first time ever I could actually sit down and watch TV with my kids.

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      Penny Williams

      The only way to know is to get evaluated. Here’s how to chose a clinician for that process:

      Choosing a Professional to Diagnose and Treat ADHD

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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