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      Hi all, this question is aim at someone who already has been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD.
      i am 22 old male, student of the university, employed in 2 jobs both part time, doing weightlifting and taking box classes… as a child i went to psychologist due to my attention problems and hyperactivity and bad grades…, (i was 11), i had and have problems keeping up even when i tried to do my best all the time, but as my father was not OK with me going to psychologist ( he said that i am just badly raised up, i think he was raising me good…) i quit and never been there again. i had and still have bit problems and have low social skills, problem completing tasks, doing hundred thinks at once, i can t even sit while eating, always shaking my leg while siting. even my ex-girlfriend said that i am always like nervous and not listening to her and can t relax for a moment always moving etc. in high school i often went to walk to the hall without any reason also was told that i never paid attention during classes teachers also said that many times (friends noticed that).few month ago i found psychologist report that were made when i was a child. in summary it says that i am “endangered in development” due to health problems (i had meningitis) also it says that i have behavioral problems and low attention, next report (official statement from my teacher) says that it is hard to keep my attention i behave wrong during breaks, also Very “ACTIVE” sometimes childish, and i most of the time forget my homeworks… grades getting worse and lot more of other bla.. bla.. stuff. i think of myself that i am very diligent i never hated school also, when i am trying to concentrate i am just not able to do that even when i am trying to motive myself as much as i can, constantly thinking about everything, getting distracted by everything…
      my question is: is it probable that i have adhd ? what is your opinion ? (I can provide more information and detail if necessary)

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      Penny Williams

      The only way to know if you have ADHD is to get evaluated for it through a professional. However, you can complete an online self-test to see if you’re likely on the right path, and take those results to your doctor to explore further.

      [Self-Test] Could You Have Adult ADHD / ADD?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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