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      I’ve put together list of my symptoms I’ve had since been an adult. There are lots of things I did as a kid, but my mother is the best person to ask as I don’t remember everything, but she said she knew something was different about me. There just wasn’t a term back then as it was the 80’s and early 90’s.

      The list below is a bit of a brain dump of me if I’m honest about myself. Some of the behaviour I would say I’m more like a passenger to it and can look back in retrospect and wish I hadn’t acted in a certain way. Not sure if this is something people diagnosed experience?

      Like I mentioned, I am going to be assessed, but thought it would be good to reach out to adults with ADD and see if what I put down below sounds very familiar? Again, need properly assessing, but as we are now starting to see my 8 year old son repeat a lot of the stuff I do, thought it was time to get checked out myself. We have a strong familiar history of ADD on my mothers sisters side.

      Please see list below:

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      Find it hard to read instructions, I will either figure it out myself or need something visual like a video, though if it’s long I struggle to get through it

      If I canʼt find the thing Iʼm looking for get stressed and obsessed. Will be late to something really important just to find the thing. Allow my brain to turn off

      Leave things last minute so itʼs more of an emergency to get done. Tried in good time. Spend more time distracted

      Have special places for my stuff so I always know where important stuff is. If it’s not in it’s place I haven’t a clue where it is. Learned behaviour to stop the stress

      Have a good visual memory, which helps me to find things if I’ve seen them around the house

      Remember having mood swings as a child. Especially with computer games. Kicked my friends SNES cos I lost at SF2. Still feel bad lol

      Find it hard to prioritise tasks

      Find it hard to get comfortable when relaxing

      Drift off in conversation with people

      Sometimes insulted people at work if they donʼt get my point. Can’t stop myself, and don’t always realise why people take it personally.

      Have got up and left jobs and college, uni lessons. Bored.

      Can focus well after more extreme exercise

      Useless with money. Debts etc

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      Hi! I wasn’t diagnosed until last December at age 32. When I read your list, I go:

      Check (though I didn’t leave, I just fell asleep. Embarrassing!)

      And a number more for me.

      When I was reading up on ADHD in the months leading up to my diagnosis, one of my counters (the other one being “but I was good in school!) was that I can follow instructions (one of the diagnostic criteria). Until I realized that I literally pretty much never actually read instructions/manuals.

      Your list reads very typical for someone with ADHD. Good luck with your diagnosis!

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        michael petan

        I have all them on the checklist for 50 years. When we look at the “dump” your list it’s easy to feel that when we look at one or two they can feel like “that’s just real life” no big deal. But it is the totality of the list, they pile up, and our days of full of these eradicate intersections with ourselves and others. When we mess up we feel worse! I have found mediation works for me, it forces me to sit still, to let my mind unwind, and acknowledge all the silly random thoughts of a monkey (me) to be present then let them go. I”m on Ritalin 10 mg twice a day, this has helped me a lot. It wont go away but our minds need a fu_king break, it is draining. Don’t be afraid to try medication, if it works you win. Mediation is also key as so is your diet. I found art and creative fields to be my mojo, my savior, doing work you love is key otherwise you’ll be in an environment, job or home where your always in chaos. Sort of like a Sid Crosby the hockey player playing point guard for the LA Lakers? Not good . . Love and Respect to you.

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      Penny Williams

      The only way to know if you have ADHD is to get a professional evaluation. You could start with an online self-test to see if you’re on the right path and take the results with you when you see a clinician.

      [Self-Test] Do I Have ADHD? Symptom Test for Adults

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Terrific responses here. I could only add to the mix by recommending you read the book, “Driven to Distraction.” You’ll know by the time you get to page 50. I got diagnosed but that didn’t matter to me. It was a formality. As I read this book I immediately knew. It was as if the author had interviewed me and written a book about my life. The book also defines the so many different ADHD types. Very helpful. All your answers begin with this book. Prepare yourself because your questions will never end.

      P.S. In regards to you brain dump symptoms… All are characteristic of ADHD.

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