Dismissive comments, even in health care environments

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    Recently I was at a Dr’s office (for non-ADHD stuff), and the nurse who took my blood pressure, etc., was asking about recent health stuff, as they do.
    When I brought up my recent ADHD diagnosis, she kinda chuckled and goes, “I feel like everyone has a little ADD these days!”
    Even though I think the comment was misguided (AKA wrong), it still made me feel like an idiot. I just kinda smiled and moved on to another topic.
    Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has said something like this to me, but it was extra disappointing coming from a health care worker. 🙁

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    Yeah, I understand this. My mom says “I think we all have a little ADHD in us.” Even though I KNOW she doesn’t have it. It feels like a brick to the face when someone says this, because they don’t understand the struggles we go through. Just, stay strong and remember, Hakuna Matata!

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    I got diagnosed with ADD last month and my mother is constantly saying that she thinks she has it and I get annoyed because in almost certain she doesn’t.

    I have also recently got a new boss and I had to tell her that I have fortnightly doctors appointments (ADHD Psychologist) but I don’t want to tell her about the ADD because of the stigma around it.

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