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      Recently I was at a Dr’s office (for non-ADHD stuff), and the nurse who took my blood pressure, etc., was asking about recent health stuff, as they do.
      When I brought up my recent ADHD diagnosis, she kinda chuckled and goes, “I feel like everyone has a little ADD these days!”
      Even though I think the comment was misguided (AKA wrong), it still made me feel like an idiot. I just kinda smiled and moved on to another topic.
      Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has said something like this to me, but it was extra disappointing coming from a health care worker. 🙁

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      Yeah, I understand this. My mom says “I think we all have a little ADHD in us.” Even though I KNOW she doesn’t have it. It feels like a brick to the face when someone says this, because they don’t understand the struggles we go through. Just, stay strong and remember, Hakuna Matata!

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      I got diagnosed with ADD last month and my mother is constantly saying that she thinks she has it and I get annoyed because in almost certain she doesn’t.

      I have also recently got a new boss and I had to tell her that I have fortnightly doctors appointments (ADHD Psychologist) but I don’t want to tell her about the ADD because of the stigma around it.

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        You know she might be right. Recently I found out its genetic. Just because you thing she doesnt show symptoms doesnt mean she doesnt have them. There is certain levels of ADHD as in other illnesses and disorders like there is in Autism, OCD, Diabetes, Arthritis…etc. Some people might have milder case than others, some people may overcome the disorder with therapy and practicing different tricks and methods that they’ll get better or better at hiding the symptoms.
        Im not sure how old you are, but ADHD in adults looks different than in kids.
        Dont feel you are exclusive, realize ADHD its fairly new (meaning we didnt know much about it when your parents where kids and symptoms of ADHD where considered misbehaving or stupidity)
        Hope that helps 🙂

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      I use to be offended when people would tell me “do you really have ADHD, is that really a thing?” Then I became a doctor, with ADHD, went to an old school dental office and as I was getting my intake of past medical history – where I stated that I have ADHD- the dentist asked the same question. I laughed with Joy and no longer with anger and insecurity and politely told him “ if you ever lived with someone with ADHD, you would definitely believe it is a thing.”

      Allowing people to get the best version of yourself away from you because a health care provider is biased due to the lack of knowledge the person has obtained, is allowing you to remind yourself that ADHD is a problem. Focus on your goals and be mindful ( even if you need medication and a lot of therapy to do so) and you will see that you will all win. Even the old school dentist will win, because the next thought leaders of this world are the ones who can hyper focus on the passion of positivity. I am talking about us. The ones with ADHD. It is a blessing you are able to weed out the disability with lots of sleep hygiene, exercise, practice, support and learned and/or medicated patience.

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