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      Hi guys,

      I was diagnosed with ADHD in my university health clinic back in 2015. This was because I was unable to concentrate on my studies during that time. I moved to Canada as an international student to pursue a career in HR. Through Co-ops, internships, and volunteering experiences I was able to land a position in Customer Service, however, because one of our locations closed, they had to let me go. The real reason was that my manager was not a big fan of me. I dedicated my whole heart and soul into providing spectacular customer service, however, I was judged and doubted multiple times for my work ethic. In HR world, they recently released a new way of interviewing candidates – Digital Interview. This interview basically comprises of receiving a Hirevue link from a recruiter, you click on it, read the question for 30 seconds and record yourself answering the questions written within 2 minutes. Then the video is submitted and a recruiter will contact you if they wish to interview you more. After several days of practicing recording myself in front of my camera answering questions, I built confidence to take this one-way digital interview for a company that could make my career happen. I was excited and feeling positive because I practiced day and night. To my surprise, none of the questions I predicted and practiced came on the interview. Instead, I stumbled through my words, trying to regain thoughts in my head to form sentences but the words coming out of my mouth were only words which did not make a proper sentence. This reminded me of all the failed interviews that I took when during my university life while trying to land internships and co-ops. I am heartbroken because I want to learn, grow and have a successful career but I keep getting eliminated because of my communication skills. Though, when I speak with friends and strangers that give off friendly vibes know, they tell me they have never noticed a problem in my communication. I feel like a failure because I feel like my ADHD and anxiety keep me behind from succeeding, landing and keeping a job. I take Vyvanse – the lowest dose which is 10 mg.

      Any advice, tips or suggestions would be helpful! Thank you.

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      I am an adult with ADHD, I take adderall (10mg) because I too was dealing with anxiety on a daily basis in my personal life.

      My work life on the other hand is so chaotic and ever changing that I honestly thrive in it.

      I am not sure what you want to do for a living but I would seriously consider a high paced environment like sales or ANYTHING that doesn’t keep you tied to a desk..

      I work in live entertainment and it just works for me..

      Stay on your meds if you feel they help or speak to your doctor about trying something different. I want to try Vyvanse but our awesome medical care in the US won’t approve it for me and my doctor is worried about my age and being on adderall… go figure

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      I am by no means claiming to have expert advice. But has NLD ever crossed your frame of reference? I’m asking because i see myself within your situation. I can often be or come across as well spoken when conveying myself or information to others face to face but to organize my thoughts and do that spontaneously or on paper is an overwhelming fail. I’m not sure if i have NLD and ADD both though. Im diagnosed with ADD (altho not as a result of attending the school system in childhood, as is usual). And when researching ADD i came across NLD. Realised my mother is a textbook case and how many features of it i have (the majority). As currently understood one can have both NVLD and ADD. But i am recently curious about this. NLVD is a spatial processing deficit and executive functioning deficits. I’m wondering if its all a spectrum of EFD, executive functioning disorder. With other things added in. I have very poor visual processing, spatial awareness and poor fine motor skills. So I believe i def qualify as NVLD. The main or distinguishing component of NVLD is a lack of spatial processing. If you read about spatial processing and what it is used for in the brain i promise you will be shocked by how many things it pertains to. How many things our brains are supposed to use spatial awareness for. How many ways it affects people by being without it. And there are always exceptions. For instance while my mother has a very significant level of NVLD she loves to read (which is not too uncommon for nvld) but she loves to read because her mind is able to create vivid imagery. And my mind just doesn’t do that when i read. So she reads fiction. And i read non-fiction. Another example of peoples differences is i read of a mother explaining her son has every symptom expected of NVLD except he can “maths”. Lol. As my mom calls it. Anyway i know this is little known of. So I’m spreading the word. If it helps then awesome. *It is also little known that contrary to some information found on the topic medications CAN help NVLD.* Its just as far as we know right now a much smaller percentage of the NVLD population is helped from medication than that of ADD.
      Also side note while my mom has NVLD and my mom and my dad created only me, one child, all of my dads 6 kids have adhd. (Unless i only actually have NLD).

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      Oh another example of variation is that while no amount of focus and “muscle memory” (practice) improves my level of fine motor ability my broad motor skills seem largely great, or at least average. My dad was a natural at gymnastics so maybe that helped me?

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      Hang in there—I would feel the exact same way in your shoes.
      I too am going through the interview process & it feels like getting reamed.
      I keep a typed cue-card in case I get stuck, but invariably it feels so awkward. I hate that they ask the same questions that are clearly listed on the resume & I’m expected not to answer verbatim. That just seems inefficient. If you cared about hiring me, you’d have read the resume. This is the 3rd interview in 3 wks, I can tell I’m getting better. I’ve never heard of robo one-sided interviews like that, that’s weird. There’s no way I’d be able to think on my feet & not start sweating & panicking. I’m 17 classes from graduating & have spent 1/2 my life working in business. Most of the time, if you’re inteligent–someone is going to train you or show you the job–you just have to be teachable. Heck, invoicing could be done by monkeys & yet it seems they are just scrutinizing over every detail. I’m trying to keep an open mind, but the job market is VERY different from the last 10 years I was in it. I’m 34 & this just seems like alot of red tape.

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      Oh and I’ve been told you’re supposed to “cater” your resume to every job specifically bc the ATP (automatic tracking) only picks out keywords. I’m sorry, but forget that. I’ll keep working on my resume & use great descriptors, but I’m not going to wear myself out catering to a resume for ea job—that’s RIDICULOUS.

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