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      Hi! Our life is a bit messy, so there’s a lot to unwrap. My son, now 10 and in fourth grade, was diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten. He is attending in-person learning full time.

      His impulsivity is a major concern. Without medication, his behavior is out of control and he will often engage in inappropriate behavior. He has an IEP at school and is on medication. The medication seems to work quite well. He takes Quillivant XR in the morning and Methylphenidate in the afternoon. The behavior improvement is nothing short of miraculous (unless we forget to give him medicine).

      In first grade, he failed his eye exam. There was some question as to how much was behavior and how much was vision. Flash forward to the summer before third grade when he sustained an injury to his left eye. Again, he could not pass the vision exams, with reported worse vision in the uninjured eye. After a ton of exams and diagnostics, it was determined that he has Stargardt’s disease and is progressively losing his sight. His vision is quite poor. The school has added vision services to his IEP. The prospect of becoming legally blind has caused him anxiety.

      Now, he is telling both me and his teacher that he is having issues concentrating, most especially in math, which is in the morning. He reports that there is nothing in the classroom distracting him but that it is “stuff in his head”. His worksheets are enlarged to the appropriate font size. For work that cannot be reproduced, he has a CCTV and an iPad Pro to enlarge objects. The teacher suggested I talk to his doctor about a potential change to his medication.

      My question to the community, is it possible that a medication change would help? We’re headed to the doctor for his feedback. I’m just curious if other parents have seen situations with behavioral improvements while still struggling to focus. I’m concerned I’m looking at mental health crisis due to the other diagnosis, but getting him to talk is nearly impossible.

      Many thanks to all!

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      Penny Williams

      The behavior triggered by the anxiety could be making it seem like his medication has lost effectiveness. But his medication could have truly lost effectiveness also. My son required a lot of medication adjustments over the years.

      The ADHD Medication Stopped Working! How to Troubleshoot Treatment

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Thank you Penny for the reply and the link. Very helpful information!

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