Did they give me brand name or generic? (Adderall XR)

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      Hello All

      The pharmacy told me I got the “real” Adderall, but hard to believe with everyone here saying they end up with generic. This is what my bottle says :

      Amphetamine Aspartate Monohydrate 10 mg
      Brand : ACT Amphetamine
      Mfr : Act

      Also, I posted my experience, trying this for first time, in my old thread re “Adderall & Caffeine Sensitivity… if you want to look there as well. I will know next time to start a new thread for new topic. I am not sure what to think after trying Adderall XR …I am glad it wore off as I was dizzy getting groceries tonight and could not think straight today (but some things improved…see post). I did take an herbal supplement the night before (L-Tryrosine & Bacopa which I have taken for a week, and it is not time-released … I was taking the supplement at noon normally but knowing I would try Adderall XR in the morning I instead took the supplement last night to avoid conflict thinking it would be worn off in the morning.

      Any help appreciated. Mostly feeling alone in this venture …

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      Hello help me out here been dealing with aderall withdrawals stopped taking it in March can it still be that I’m dealing with depression and anxiety still the docs keep telling I don’t have to detox off the medication because I already stopped by I cold turkey

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      I suggest you talk with the pharmacist where you filled the script. Did your provider specify Adderall AND “Dispense as written” ?

      If they wrote amphetamine salts instead or failed to specify “Dispense as Written” you probably have the generic. I’ve occasionally suffered from pharmacists claiming that a generic is exactly the same as the name brand when we know that’s just not true, the chemical may be the same but the binders, the coatings and such aren’t and can sometimes disagree with people.

      My own experience with this is related to synthroid and a pharmacy’s tendency to switch manufacturers…if a drug is measured in micrograms as opposed to milligrams I try to get the brand if the med is somehow mission critical.

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