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      Hi there, I’m a 29 yr old female and I’ve been struggling with a lot of general functioning in my day to day. I won’t go into all my troubles here, because it’s not really relevant. I contacted the local mental health services, and after a two month wait, I finally got to talk with a counsellor. She’s a social worker and unable to diagnose, but does agree that I’m displaying many of the hallmark ADHD symptoms. I understand that in order to receive a proper diagnosis, I need to be seen by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. My trouble is, that there are no doctors accepting new patients in my town, and I just moved here this year. I know that it’s incredibly rare for a doctor who is unfamiliar with me, or my history, to diagnose in one visit. Has anyone else been faced with this problem? How did you move forward? I still want to go to the walk in, but I’m afraid they won’t have the time to dig deep.. they usually have a 15 min max, and there’s no way I can discuss all of my history and symptoms in that time frame. Also, how do I make sure I get the same doctor on subsequent visits, if they’re always rotating?
      Thank you, Angela

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      Sam k

      Just wondered where you live I’m in the Uk and was assessed couple weeks back. I emailed my problems to the assessor a few days prior to a 45 minute meeting from which she was able to pin point both ADHD and ASD.

      She now is going to refer me to whichever team can see me first. She said there is a long waiting list although she didn’t say how long. I have survived this hell for nearly 40 years so will just have to wait a little longer.

      Just so you know I self referred to The mental health team myself this time. In the past I have been referred by my nurse practitioner, I connect better with her, some of the GPs I have spoken to have not been very understanding and have come across somewhat condescending (won’t go into stigma in health care right now).

      After years and years of seeking help I finally feel I’m on the right track, I’m just feeling frustrated and impatient about the waiting time but keep reminding myself I’m nearly there. In the past I’ve spoken to GPs, counsellors, psychologists mans psychiatrists, had a diagnosis for chronic depression, heightened anxiety and paranoid personality disorder. The first 2 are symptoms of adhd too and the paranoid personality is most likely coping mechanism as is the avoidant streak in my personality!

      My advice to you is this : write down all the difficulties you face on a daily basis in every area of your life; home, work, social, the way you interact with family, friends, colleagies, even strangers and how you cope when you are out and about. What is it that is stopping you from
      Getting on with your life and interacting normally with people.
      Any doctor who deals with ADHD should be able to spot it straight away.
      If you go in without preparing, they might miss it, as they will ask certain questions and you might not tell them everything either.

      I only just did this and it made all the difference, wish I’d done it all those years ago.

      (I am also female )

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