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      I am a 40 year old single man living in the UK. After years if struggling with life and just feeling like I wasn’t normal I finally started looking into the possibility that I had ADHD. As soon as I looked at the symptoms I just thought “This describes me EXACTLY!!” I’ve never been able to sit still, I constantly interrupt people, I find it impossible to focus on most things like work but have no trouble playing video games for 8 hours straight without even taking a toilet break!

      I saw my doctor at the end of May 2018 and was referred. I finally have my appointment at the end of September and am totally terrified that they will just say that I don’t have ADHD and that I’m just lazy. I honestly am at the point I can’t go on struggling like this.

      I don’t really know why I’m posting this. I guess I’m just after hearing other people’s experiences prior to a diagnosis appointment.

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      Don’t panic about the diagnosis too much, they Definitely will not tell you, you are just lazy…I am 42 and this was my fear too!They spend a lot of time talking to you and they know what to look out for and are also looking for signs of asd or other conditions so that they can signpost you appropriately if they can not help. If you instinctively know that adhd fits…and that it explains your life story so far…trust your judgment.

      I received a diagnosis a couple of months ago…its quite mind blowing and at the same time an anti-climax! I have been up and down since…I know that I now have more information about myself to help me plot a more successful path through life…stay positive, and if you can’t stay positive then your life may not be supporting you well?? I am now looking at options to experiment with 🙂 flexible work with very short training and study episodes that I can manage, in an area that genuinely interests me…wish me luck and good luck in your own quest for answers.

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