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    So, i have been diagnosed with ADHD, its severely affected my work for years to the point im worried im going to lose my job. I went to a local clinic place and they officially diagnosed me as having the combined type.

    Anyways the problem is, im also on Methadone. Ive been on it for 8 years, i had a problem with opiates in my early 20s, but i havent used an illegal drug in that entire time and im just worried that if i see a doctor and get on ADHD meds, they will eventually drug test me and find out im on methadone and from what ive heard, they dont like prescribing Adderall or anything like that to people with addiction issues in the past. But my brother in law is on suboxone and he gets adderall too so i know SOME people can get it, im just wondering what to do? I live in West Virginia but also have gone to Virginia to see doctors before so if anyone in that area can help.

    I dunno what to do, i want to start getting medication, but do all prescribers do drug tests now? and will they all deny me because of my past? Just wish i could find some help

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    There are non-addictive/stimulant medications for ADHD. Recognise your past, and ask for those options first. They may well be more suited, and it shows you’re not drug-seeking, but rather looking for treatment. Relax a bit, you’re going to be alright.

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    i have tried Stattara and Wellbutrin. And i recognize my past, but u have to understand, when i had an issue with drugs, it was only for 1 year, and it was after my dad killed himself and my sister died, so i was just trying not to deal with stuff. Ive never had a problem with stimulants or anything, i dont even have an addictive personality, its just i was in so much pain i turned to something to fix it. But then i dealt with it and for years i havent had any desire to use an illicit drug. But i know no matter what they will still count me as any other ex-drug user.

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      Sorry, by recognise your past, I meant in session. As in, own up to it, be honest. A good doctor will see/understand that you’re trying to treat your ADHD and that you’re not drug seeking.

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    So, opioids (I’m assuming it was opioids/opiates from the methadone) do pretty much the opposite of what stimulants do recreationally. Back when I was trying to find the right dose of methylphenidate, I went too high and it was completely horrible – I was strung out and couldn’t sleep. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to abuse stimulants. In fact, there was a recent study of illicit Adderall use and the vast majority of people used it not to get high but to study/perform better in school.

    Additionally, there are the long acting forms like Vyvanse that are less abusable than the IR pills.

    I’m in SW PA, so plenty of opioid abuse here, to the point where medical residents pretty much have classes on recognizing and turning away drug seekers. Drug seekers were almost exclusively after painkillers. I’ve witnessed drug seeking at my pharmacy too – guy in front of me trying to get Vicodin or Oxy with a bogus prescription. With ADHD meds they only look at you sideways if you’re a college student, because illicit use (I wouldn’t even call it abuse because they’re all still using proper therapeutic doses and taking it for its intended use) is rampant.

    Find a doc you trust who understands adult ADHD and be honest, and be willing to try out more non-stimulant options like Intuniv. It would be nice if they found some more effective nonstimulant treatments. It’s unfortunate that Strattera doesn’t often work, because when you’re lucky and it works for you, it’s apparently super good. But more often, it’ll just give you a bunch of crappy side effects.

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