Diagnosed today (age 30)

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    so today I had my diagnostic appointment after; an initial assessment, some questionnaires, a long waiting list, another (in depth) assessment, another looooong waiting list, and then finally today.. where I was diagnosed with ADHD.

    I’m 30. I don’t know what to feel about it, part of me wishes it had been pick up on sooner, but then i’m glad that I might have a chance at a better life now. Is it relief? Not really… but.. kind of?

    How did you feel about getting diagnosed?
    It’s a lot to take in.

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    I have just been diagnosed at 22 years old and tried elvanse for the first time today. The results were great from the meds my leg wasnt jumping constantly and I could sit at my desk at work for more than a hour without feeling like I have to get up, everything felt quieter and calmer too. However now I’m at home I’m still thinking to myself I dont have ADHD, how can I tell I have ADHD? Like how my mind is it’s normal for me, would meds have a differant effect if I didnt have ADHD? Iv been told all my life I have so much energy and people have always brought up ADHD and in one part of my brain I know I have ADHD but the other side of my brain just doesnt believe it, anyone got any tips?

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    Those feelings are super common with adult diagnosis of ADHD. This article has some helpful insights on moving forward:

    Your After-Diagnosis Survival Guide

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      Thanks ADHDmomma, they are also going to be testing me for ASD (again), I got the impression the psych who diagnosed me is pretty convinced I’m on the spectrum. I did the questionnaire for them before and I think it came up as quite low scoring, but the Dr wants me to be re-assessed.

      I’m starting to wrap my head around it all. I guess looking back, a lot of my life makes sense now, considering the ADHD.

      I’m going to check out that survival guide now!
      Thanks again!

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