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      So I am a fan of the additude site . in the last year I have found some great resources.
      My story starts after a pretty bad year with my Wife. After 12 years I am 42 we were fighting all the time.
      I was depressed and suicidal as a result. Basically in a damned if I don’t Damed if I do situation.
      At some point a friend of my wife asked if I had ADHD. My Primary care doctors put me on Wellbutrin for the depression
      Then I got tested for ADHD
      The test came back inconclusive there were signs of Inattentive impulsive ADHD but I sort of messed up one of the tests and that couldn’t be used.
      Those results came back in February. The Psych was reluctant to prescribe stimulants and wanted me to get checked out by a cardiologist.
      Eventually I got the cardiologist appt and passed his testing. I was then lost and didn’t know how to proceed. Calls to the original Psych went unanswered.
      Calls to other adhd psych’s in the area went unanswered. Eventually in September I finally reached out for a medicinal psych at the same clinic and got seen.
      After a few interview type appts and one with my wife the Psych prescribed 5mg Ritalin. That moved to 10mg and when I complained about it wearing off too soon we tried generic Concerta. That was useless and so I asked again and got Generic Metadate CD 20 mg a day. I felt pretty good with that but after a week my wife said she doesn’t think the meds are working and I seem more scattered, sad, and angry. Back to the Psych I went and now I am on 10mg of Adderall generic and trying this out. I still don’t really feel it but I am battling a head cold too.

      Through this I have also started counseling and working really hard on my self. It is still early and one step forward one step back but I am hoping to improve myself and hope it helps my work and relationship.

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      Medication can be a journey. Not just with ADHD, but with things like depression, blood pressure, and even pain. Try to hang in there as they try things and adjust. And it’s good to hear that you’re doing counseling as well. Medication helps with some of the symptoms for some people (not everyone) but skills, tools, support, and coaching can offer great benefit too.

      It’s good that you’ve been so diligent to tackle this and try to move things forward. I hope that it has payoffs for your relationships and offers a chance to improve your life overall. Diagnosis is a first step to better management, and I hope the forums here give you support along the way.

      I’d also consider checking out the upcoming webinar if you can: Optimizing ADHD Medication for Better Symptom Management with Dr. William Dodson

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        Thanks Quietlylos I couldn’t agree with you more it is a journey. nN the last week I have tit-rated up to 20 Mg of adderall xr and am feeling a difference in concentration today. I realized this morning that previously while un-medicated I have a thousand thoughts in my head bouncing around all the time. And I could sit on the couch with a cell phone laptop and tv on and pay attention to all of it. Now while on Adderall it is a single thought stream and can only pay attention to one thing at a time.
        I sort of miss that mental multitasking but realize it is quality over quantity. Hell today i completed a task I have been unable to do for the last 10 years. And I completed it in less then an hour.

        So things are looking up

        I am already scheduled for that seminar you recommended

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