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      My son is almost 38 years old he did no display any signs of ADHD on the checklist as a child although was diagnosed with dyslexia he struggled at school but quite inteligent. After a very unpleasant divorce when he was 13 he became extremely emotionally vunerable self harming smoking cannibas anger which he still has anger oubursts trouble with the law unable to keep jobs he still has not been diagnosed his GP says he has depression on meds for 4 years and just tells him what it could be but doesn’t actually refer him “told waiting list in the UK”. My question is can ADHD develop in teenage or adult years of is it you would have had as a developing child? he has no symptoms on the checklist for children he seems to have convinced himself that he now as it.

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      They wont diagnose in the UK without symptoms shown in childhood but it is self reported / reported by parents / shown in school reports.

      Also from personal experience being diagnosed as dyslexic at 9 made my school think all my problems were dyslexia related and nothing else. Only diagnosed ADHD at 30.

      If your in the UK (not Scotland because it doesn’t apply) search “the right to chose ADHD law” you can skip the UK waiting list and be assessed with in weeks/months with private healthcare providers which is paid for by the NHS.

      There is one psychiatrist firm that supply you with the paperwork you need to take to the GP for free to get referred.

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      Dr. Eric

      In the US, the diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5 requires that the symptoms be evident prior to age 7.

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      Penny Williams

      ADHD is a neurological difference. You’re born with it or you can develop it due to head injury. It could have been missed when he was younger. If medication for depression and/or anxiety doesn’t help at all, then it probably isn’t depression or anxiety alone or at all. I hope you find a path to evaluation where you live.

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