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      I’m a sophomore in college and my grades are terrible. I have a really hard time sitting down for long periods of time and getting stuff done. Most of the time when I think about all the work I have to do I get overwhelmed and put it off untill past the due date. Online learning made me much worse because I focus better in a classroom setting rather than my own home. If anyone has any words of advice on how to regulate school work I would really appreciate it cause I’m really overwhelmed right now and can’t get my work done. Thank you.

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      Meditation helps most of the time.

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      The best thing for me is making lists and checking things off as I go along.

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      Dr. Eric

      Most colleges have two resources that you should link up with… (names may vary, but will have a similar role).
      1. Support for Students with Disabilities.
      2. Student mental Health and Counseling.

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      Let your parents know and get the right support. ADHD coach or educational therapist to help you organise and prioritize.

      Reach out to each teacher and schedule one on one meetings. share your challenges, ask for extensions on all late assignments.

      Break up large assignments into bite-size, manageable chunks, set a timer and work in 25-minute blocks with 5-minute breaks, repeat.

      Turn off and get rid of all distractions, turn off notifications, and just start! When the pressure is on, just start, and you will feel better.

      Order yourself a calendar. I recommend this calendar

      I am a mother of a 7th grader who has similar issues.

      You can do it!

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      Stay calm , listen to music and meditate.

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