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    Dr. Eric

    I don’t even know if this is the right category for this…
    In fact, I don’t even know if I am here to vent, ask for advice, or just a pep talk.

    Generally speaking, working in education is a good fit for me.
    This is mainly due to the cyclical nature of the school year.
    I get some crazy times, but there is a break or down time right before I start to crack.

    This year, everything seems to be hitting me all at once.
    (Background: Because this is a public forum, I am going to be intentionally vague.
    I work for a small organization where my job description 50% management and 50% direct service (educational psychologist).)

    I feel like everything is hitting me from all sides.
    I have a TON of deadlines coming up that I know is going to make for a rough March.
    Meanwhile, I had two really unpleasant conversations with the bosses.
    One on a written administrative project that I screwed up.
    Another on how I come across when talking to coworkers when I am stressed.

    I always dread the conversations that start with, “You really know your stuff, but…”

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