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      Hey everyone, its ThatEnergeicTeen! I’m having a lot of trouble focussing in classes..I literally daydream in 3 of my 5 classes, math, Spanish, and world history. These classes I find very boring and frustrating, mostly because I don’t understand the vocabulary, concepts (my math teacher helps me out A LOT) and just the teaching. I try so hard to focus on what’s going on, but I find myself drifting off so many times in one class session, it’s insane. Luckily, I’m getting a full cognitive assessment at my school to see if I have any underlying problems or disabilities. I’m pretty sure I have ADHD. Anyways, I’m feeling lonely and frustrated with myself and the world. Ooof. Can anyone here relate?

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      Yep, most likely you could have ADHD, back in grade and high school that’s what got me in the most trouble, I would get high marks in classes that interested me and fail the boring ones, some were so boring I’d fall asleep (slept through my freshman year of algebra, the class was boring enough, but the teacher had a monotone drone that made it much worse)
      But only reason I can come up with for why they didn’t catch it for me is, I’m not energetic, I have inattentive ADHD, back then they only tested you if you were obviously hyperactive.
      So I was labeled lazy, uncooperative and problem child, in EIGHT years of seeing counselors twice a week and them telling me it’s my fault I’m just doing this on purpose to get attention, you’d think that someone along the way would have said what the heck lets test you for ADHD and see what happens.
      You do great in some classes but not on others, just like the hyper kids (hmmm I wonder)
      At lest they’re going to test you and find out for sure so you won’t get s***wed over like so many of us older adults did.
      Good luck, hope they can get you the help you need (that I never got, sorry YES I’m bitter about it) but I do wish you all the luck.

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      I can!!

      What’s up, I’m Kendall. I’ve been there (I’m still in the same position in college) in high school. Not that far removed from it though since I graduated about a year and a half ago. But yeah I’m bored in one of my classes too. My Biology Lab just drags on & I’m lost with the material sometimes (IT’S 3 HOURS LONG!!)
      But it’ll be worth it once I get my degree though!
      I’m sure it’ll get better for you once you get medically diagnosed with ADHD. Then, you can get medication that’ll help you focus. Until then, maybe you can make some adjustments. Possibly moving towards the front of class so you can be more engaged with your teachers. Hopefully, they’ll let you record your class sessions as a precaution for you drifting off. That way, you can go back and catch what you missed.

      Hopefully this helps,
      -Kendall Boults Jr.

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      Penny Williams

      Kendall offered some excellent strategies. One more is to see if you can stand up or move around in the back of the classroom during lectures. Getting stimulated by moving will help you pay more attention.

      The real issue is that, if you do have ADHD, the ADHD brain is motivated and focused when there’s interest and urgency, NOT when something is simply important. That’s why your attention fades quickly when you’re bored.

      My son is in 10th grade and the same thing happens. He hates school because he says it’s boring. His best grade right now is in psychology class, because he finds it interesting (and because it’s an online class where he can do the work at his pace and move on, not sit through lectures or spend extra time on things he already knows).

      You might try a wearable like a RE-Vibe. It vibrates on particular intervals to remind you to self-check if you’re on task.

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