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      If you’re reading, I hope you’re well!

      I’m looking to control damaging impulsive behaviours.

      I’m a 25yo guy in the UK, diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD in January this year. Prior to my diagnosis, pretty much every area of my life (excluding my family) was inconsistent and patchy.

      I’m now working at a start-up tech company with one other guy, and things are going great. Concerta XL is helping me focus for longer during the day, and for the first time, I can complete full working days without having my focus pulled in different directions constantly.

      However, despite the Concerta and a real improvement in my life since diagnosis, I am struggling with impulsive, addictive behaviours outside of work. They are affecting my sleep and, despite my best intentions, have been eating into the time I probably should use to cool down outside a busy work schedule.

      My question is this: How have people that live with ADHD managed to control the impulsive nature of the ADHD brain?

      I go through phases of thinking balance is the key, then when I do indulge in certain things I find it so hard to stop. I don’t want a life that consists of no fun or pleasure. I get that part of adulthood is building solid foundations that bring you steadier joy, but I guess when I want to feel good I want it 110%.

      Any advice would be amazing,


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