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      We are moving to our neighboring town, that means transferring to other institution or school. I don’t want to, but dad is forcing me. I don’t mind travelling an hour for school since I can’t afford to lose my friends, but dad is giving me so much headaches. Once he decides, it’s already final. That’s the rule he’s been trying to apply in our home after his involvement to a foreign venture months ago. What should I do? I don’t want to adjust to a new environment.

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      Penny Williams

      SOmetimes these conversations can get heated and neither party gets heard. Write him a letter explaining your concerns and how you think you will do better academically staying in your current school. Ask if you can agree to a trial period of a month or two of staying in the school you’re familiar with. If you’re able to transport yourself there and back safely, remind him that it will not be any extra work for the family, only for you.

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