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      Has anyone heard anything or tried Cyproheptadine (I’ll refer to I️t as Cyp just to save time) in order to increase their child’s lost appetite issues? My son, 10, struggles big time with this. Like many of you can relate, docs say this gets better with time, but he’s been on the same dose for over a year (15mg Focalin XR) and still struggles. My sisters son is 14 (adhd as well) and their doc wrote and rx for Cyp, and over the course of 3 months, he gained 10lbs. His moods improved, and she even said that his focus improved (geesh, who would have thought food and focus could be symbiotic? Kidding, of course). I asked our doc and np about it and she wasn’t comfortable and had to do some research, which is reasonable.

      Anyway, any thoughts?

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      Penny Williams

      Cyproheptadine/Periactin is very commonly prescribed with ADHD medication, when stimulants significantly impact appetite but help with ADHD symptoms overall. My son took it for a couple years when he hadn’t gained an ounce in 2 years. He gained 12 lbs the first year on it, if I remember right. It was a huge help. Once he hit puberty, he eats like a horse non-stop and appetite is no longer an issue (on the very same medicine), now we have the opposite weight problem.

      According to this article, it can also help with sleep issues:

      This Is Why You’re Always So Tired

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