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      As a person with ADD who has to get up and go to work everyday, facing the public all day with no protection, I have to say I’m getting really tired of hearing how hard it is for the people who have to stay at home, and how it’s such a hardship to be bored, or to have to talk to relatives on Skype. I’m not talking about the people who have lost jobs and are still waiting for unemployment to kick in. That’s a tough spot to be in. But the ones who now just have more schedule flexibility and are going to work in their pajamas, or are on umemployment and are getting a weekly bonus that’s the equivalent of almost two weeks’ pay for me… I read the article ADDitude put out based on the survey of how people with ADD are coping in the pandemic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who responded about the added stress of risking my life every day, but there wasn’t a word in that article about us. It was all about how tough it is for those who have to say safely at home and deal with boredom.

      You know those screens you’re worrying about your kids spending too much time on? I’m the one you handed that unsanitized screen to at the shop. I’m the one whose shoulder you hung over without a mask to see what I was doing to fix it, even though you had to know that you wouldn’t understand what I was doing anyway. That job that you said HAD to be done in one hour because you’re working from home and you didn’t bother to bring it in to be fixed until an hour before your Zoom meeting? That was me you threw the temper tantrum at when I told you it was a two hour job, and there were other jobs in line ahead of it. Okay. Maybe it wasn’t me. But it was someone like me. Someone who doesn’t have the luxury of being stressed out by having too much time on their hands, but instead is stressing about not having anyone to take care of their pets when their public exposure inevitably lands them in a COVID-19 ward. Someone who doesn’t get to stay safely behind closed doors. How does THAT affect people with ADD? No one wants to know.

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