Could I have ADHD

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    I just wanted to know if it was really possible if I might have ADHD & if I should go through the trouble to get assessed ( since there is really no assessment centers where I live)

    I have been told once that I might have high functioning ADHD. It seemed so unlikely to me as I never forget or lose things. I never failed school & throughout high school I was one of the top students. I graduated college with a good GPA, never failed a subject. I’d say I always remind myself with the important stuff with reminders etc, & because I fear I’ll forget they be circulating in mind throughout the day. I do forget some small stuff tho, but I feel its normal

    My issue is that I’m a huge procrastinator. I’d study the night before, do assignments one day before due date and live that huge pressure of trying to finish it on time and do it good, every time I tell myself I will spare me this trouble next time, but I keep on doing it. I bought some course for procrastination months ago, haven’t gone through it yet. When Id sit to do a presentation for example, I just get overwhelmed with the work, how boring it is and how I also want to make it perfect. I daydream a lot, my mind wanders a lot, Even in important conversations. I fear failure and rejection so so much, I don’t want anyone to hate me so I people please.

    I’m known to be lazy, or at least that’s how I portrayed myself so I can skip doing things that make me anxious. But also, maybe I am in fact really lazy for not being able to do what I have to do to succeed.
    What I’m so concerned about now, is me letting opportunities slip out of my hands, intentionally because I don’t want to live the failure/ humiliation what so ever.
    Is it worth trying for an assessment, or is this completely beyond being a possible ADHD

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    It’s always a possibility. People with ADHD can function at very high levels, so much so that the diagnosis remains hidden for decades. We all find ways to cope with our struggles and be resilient in the face of them. That doesn’t mean the disorder doesn’t impact us or doesn’t exist at all.

    If you’re wondering, definitely go talk to someone. Maybe take one of the screening assessments beforehand, or look up the criteria and make notes on which ones you think apply to you. Then ask, “In what ways are these symptoms impairing my life day to day?” What would you like to do to change them?

    Regardless of whether or not you get a diagnosis, the skills and tools you learn along the way and for dealing with ADHD specifically can be helpful. I’d also suggest the HowToADHD Youtube channel for a plethora of useful resources.

    In the end, decide if your symptoms are getting in the way of your life. If so, it’s time to address them.

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