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      Trying to fit in

      Since I cannot find a doctor in the area I live in, I drive 80 miles to another state. My doctor can’t write classII prescriptions to be filled in my home state so I drive 40 miles to fill them. A state of emergency has been called and they are filling extra months prescriptions except classII. I’m not allowed to be safe during this pandemic. I must go out, drive to another state, and wait in line at the pharmacy with perhaps infectious people instead of home quarantine.
      Why do they treat us differently? I can’t help that I have ADHD. I’m a low life that can’t be trusted according to the DEA. I’m just trying to be safe during this pandemic since my mom is 95. I always feel like I’m looked at as scum just because of the medicine I take.

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      Yes, I’ve experienced similar. I tried to pick up my Vyvanse prescription on Tuesday, March 10 while I was in the Medical Building for another appointment. I explained that I did not want to risk more exposure by coming back on “the day” the prescription was scheduled to be picked up, Thursday, March 12. I am a 56 year old Master-degreed teacher. The doctor’s nurses refused! They said I had to return 48 hours later to pick up the prescription. Did they really think I was going to do something devious with a prescription written 48 hours early?
      We are treated like criminals. I relocated last July back to my hometown and nearly never found a physician to write my Vyvanse or my anxiety medication, Klonopin. I had never experienced any problems in north Mississippi. In my hometown, I was treated as a junkie. They cited the “opiod” crisis. Neither of those drugs are opiods.
      I do not know where all of this will take us, but they are treating honest, law-abiding adults like junkies. Something has to give. I cannot find a psychiatrist that will take me as a patient. They say those drugs are part of the opiod crisis. I have talked to the DEA Agents and they say they know I’m not doing anything wrong but they cannot help. This situation is out of control. We need help. We are not low-life people. Our doctors prescribed these medications for us and, now, if you move, no one cares. They do not honor the prescribing doctor’s knowledge, nor do they care how you are going to get off of the medication and offer NOTHING to replace it with. Well, I wouldn’t be on a medication for severe anxiety if I didn’t have a history that demanded it. I wouldn’t be on an ADHD medication unless I finally found a physician that did extremely thorough testing to prove that I was, indeed, ADHD. The pediatrician told my mama to take me to get treatment for my ADHD 53 years ago. She was afraid of what they would do to me. I was in my late 40’s before I finally got relief. Now, we are treated like criminals. What are we to do????

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        Trying to fit in

        I moved here 2 years ago and cannot find any mental health doctors so I drive back to where I used to live. There is another city to my south but none of the psychiatrists take insurance. Cash only. I understand your struggle. I wish I could help you and everyone to get what they need to make it in this life. The mental health care is a disgrace. I so feel for the people in this town who have even more problems than I do. I’m sure they end up in jail, on the street, or no longer with us. The city never talks about this problem. The government needs to encourage more to go into mental health care by help with tuition or something. The DEA also needs to give waivers to the people who truly need these medications.
        I wish I we’re stronger with no anxiety so I could start a movement. Speaking for ADHD’ers, and all people with mental health who cannot find a Psychiatrist, cannot get help or medication to make this life more livable.

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      My doctor cancelled my monthly visit. They don’t have efile capabilities and instead of me just going pick up the script…they are mailing me a copy. So dumb, and I said the mail isREAL slow now and What do I do in the meantimetbey said sorry you will just have to manage! Ugh…it’s not going to be a fun week for my household!

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      I’ve experienced the same thing with my doctor! I really this will change, this is unfair…

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        Trying to fit in

        I hope you cope and are better than you anticipate. I know when I can’t take my meds for even a day, I have total brain fog and my anxiety is out of control. I can’t do anything. I usually do this once a month since for some reason they won’t fill my prescription till I’m totally out and should not be driving the 40 miles to the drug store. I’m hoping this pandemic will not make our situations even worse.

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      I completely agree with all of you guys. I find that some pharmacists and especially insurance companies treat our disability as if its a joke. Its a catch 22. They dont want to fill your meds until your out. But once your out of meds you can’t think clearly enough to navigate the refill process to get your meds!

      Here is some useful info that might help.

      1. If, with your doctors permission, you try to fill your meds a couple of days early and are denied, ask the pharmacist if it is because your insurance says it’s too early and won’t pay for it, or is just because they looked at the date and assumed it’s too early? If it’s because of the insurance there is nothing you can do about that. If it’s because they looked at the date and it hasn’t been 30 days, have them verify with your doctor that it is legit. There IS NO LAW prohibiting the pharmacist from filling more than one prescription in a 30 day period. Example, (under my doctors supervision) when I have had reactions to certain generic brands, I filled have multiple prescriptions in the same month before trying to find a safe generic.

      2. If your doctor deems it necessay to fill your meds early, and the pharmacist or/or insurance is giving you trouble about filling your meds a couple of days early, your doctor can bypass that by changing your dosage. For example if you take 1 20mg a day, your doctor can write your new prescription as 2 10mg per day and insurance will cover it.

      3. In the case of having to travel to fill your meds, you could try talking to your doctor about using a mail order pharmacy. Ask your doctor if they can send the prescription to the mail order pharmacy like a week ahead of your refill date to account for shipping time.

      4. Try not to wait until your out to start taking steps to make sure your setup for next months meds. As you know, trying to handle all of this when your off your meds makes it 100 times harder on you. I got in the habit of calling the pharmacy 14 days, 10 days, and 7 days ahead of time every month to make sure they placed the order for my meds.

      5. Educate yourself about your meds and talk to the pharmisist honesty and directly. I know sometimes they make you feel like a criminal, but I find thier tone changes when you talk to them directly and factually and don’t mix words. Trust me, I have gotten some strange looks going fill a prescription for 180 Dexedrine a month and then on top of that start asking questions about which manufacturer they use, etc… But, when I explain that I am prescribed Zenzedi 20mg 3 times a day, but my insurance will not cover the 20mg tablets, so I have to take 2 generic 10mg pills 3 times a day and that I have had reactions to some inactive ingredients so I need to know what manufacturer they use… They tend to switch from being an a$$ to being helpful in finding the meds I need. If they ask what reactions I have had, I simply tell them.

      Hope this helps. I know how hard it can be dealing with this disability, and sometimes the stigma sometimes associated with it. I wish and hope that one day we will have the same rights and are treated with same respect and compassion as those with other disabilities.

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      It angers me to hear of all our struggles, yet honestly, I feel a little better as I’m not the only one who is undergoing this struggle.
      My psychiatrist retired and the only one I could find, 5 years later, is one hour away. Because we don’t have a car, we have to RENT a car for a day (about $100 give or take + the $200 temporary hold on our debit card), drive an hour for my appointment and pay for it ($100) as shrinks around here don’t accept Medicare. Throughout the years, I’ve accumulated quite the druggie’s stash (that’s a joke, I don’t abuse my meds) that includes Klonopin, Ambien, GABA and now Adderal. My local pharmacy delivers all but the Adderal. So, then I have to hire a cab or get Uber to drop me off at Costco (you don’t have to be a member to use the pharmacy) because they take GoodRx but they won’t fill it until I’m physically there with my driver’s license and the script, pick it up $40-50, and then Uber back home (a $30+ roundtrip cost). So, you can add it up & yes, I wear my mask but I have to be exposed to God knows who because some 15-year old dumbass has crushed one of my meds and snorted it. It makes me feel like an addict, lower than people who “are just on an antidepressant,” because I need these to just get through a day and night – often without grace.
      I wish health and hope to all. Take care of yourselves!

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      I have a child with ADHD, so don’t have experience with dealing with meds as an adult, but this might be a situation where telemedicine could be beneficial. Good luck!

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      Both of my kids have ADHD. Something else that might help you all, when your provider writes your prescription, make sure that they state that it is “refill authorized up to three days prior to the last filled date, if insurance allows.” This way you have a small bit of leeway leeway and won’t completely run out. It sure isn’t much, and like many of you have stated, it seems like they think we’re drug abusers – So not true! Most drugs make people feel like they’re on the ceiling – these drugs keep my kids off the ceiling!
      I have managed to refill my kids meds three days in advance a number of times now… Enough so that I have some spare meds – I like to be prepared! You never know when we might not be able to get them. In this crazy world these days…who knows?

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      Trying to fit in

      I think different states have different laws about regular prescriptions and class II prescriptions. I see a PA in NC. SC where I live will not allow Physician Assistant to write any prescriptions. So I can’t fill any script here. In SC they allow Nurse Practitioners to write prescriptions but not Class II. My PA also has a NP license but I still can’t fill my Dextroamphetamine. I take 4 medications and use mail order for two of them but they will not fill class II drugs. I’m stuck driving an hour and getting surly looks from the pharmacy techs because I just drove an hour with no meds taken for a day or two. I’m not pleasant looking and pretty much look like I have a drug problem because I need my medication. I’m anxious, can’t focus, spacy and have lost all my patience. They don’t know about mental health. They only know about addicts coming in like me and trying to get drugs like me. But I have ADHD and severe anxiety. I wish there were mental health awareness commercials on tv so people will understand.

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