Coping with sub-optimal medication/anxiety on Adderall?

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      After being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I was prescribed a combination of Adderall XR (25mg, taken in the morning) and quick-release Adderall (20mg, taken in early afternoon). It was great! My productivity went way up, I found it easier to follow conversations, and had general improvements all around. Only problem was added anxiety, particularly in the afternoon when the second dose began to wear off. My prescriber ended up leaving the practice and my new prescriber suggested I try Vyvanse (50mg). Wow. The difference was amazing. It was so much smoother. I never felt “caffeinated” and I was so much less anxious! But after taking Vyvanse for several months and loving it, my insurance decided they would no longer cover it. Apparently they have a new rule for 2021 where they won’t cover Vyvanse unless you’ve tried three other treatments and they haven’t worked. Since I’ve tried two forms of Adderall, that’s two, but my prescriber says there’s really no third option in the Amphetamine class we can try. So, I’m back to Adderall. The anxiety is back in full force but I guess I’m stuck with it. I’m thinking I may have to ask to have my dose lowered. I’ll lose some productivity but I really dislike the anxiety… Especially now that I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

      Kind of wish I had never tried Vyvanse and didn’t know how much better it was for me. Does anyone have any suggestions for reducing Adderall anxiety? I guess I need to find a way to make it work for me.

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      Penny Williams

      Your prescribing doctor should be appeal to make an appeal with your insurance saying that Vyvanse is medically necessary for you.

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      Hi.I have similar issues with Adderall so I take 200 mg of Magnesium Citrate 2xs a day and sometimes a supplement with GABA in it (Take no more than 250 mg per dose). GABA works instantly and isn’t habit forming because it is an amino acid.

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