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      Hello everyone!

      From a young age I had a thing with computers and the internet especially. It’s gives ‘easy’ stimuli as I hop from one tab to another and it gives me personally a lot of instant satisfaction. When it comes to ‘personal growth’ (big terms, I’m sorry), I’m often disappointed in myself that I can hardly engage in anything for very long unless it’s forced to me/on the internet. But, things lately are getting better in the sense that I try to engage myself more in other stuff, I try more hobby-like things and crafts. I think that with this my patience is slowly getting better for things that aren’t instantly satisfactory.
      My ‘problem’ stays hard to handle at night though; I can easily stay on my phone until 4 a.m. without noticing. I tend to curse myself the next morning. I tried apps that keep me from going online but I’d like to get/train the self-control more internally.
      Yesterday I made a box to put my phone and laptop in. At 7 p.m. I decide for myself when I’ll put it inside there at night. Yesterday it worked quite well so I hope it’s a new ‘tool’ that I can continue to use.

      Now I was wondering if anyone recognizes my love/hate relationship (that neurotypical folks have too, ’til a certain extent) with the internet, how it sometimes limits your everyday life and especially: how you deal with it/keep it under control?


      (sorry if my English isn’t perfect, not a native-speaker!)

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      Penny Williams


      You’re certainly not alone in being drawn to the internet:

      Can’t Stop Clicking? Here’s How to Beat “Infomania”

      It sounds like you have already employed some strategies to limit internet use that are working for you. It’s my opinion that it doesn’t matter how you’ve made the change, but that you can successfully accomplish a goal you outlined for yourself. So, internal self-control may not be a necessary goal in this area, or even a realistic one when you have ADHD.

      Rather than viewing this as a weakness, build your self-esteem:

      You Are Not the Villain: ADHD, Emotions & Self-Blame

      Moving Forward After a Mistake

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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