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      Hi there!

      I feel weird posting this, but I guess I’m nervous and no ammount of research on it will help qualm that. I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as an adult female pretty recently (past January?) and I still feel anxious. I guess I’ve got a boatload of extra anxiety-related issues since I didn’t get treatment for the actual issue or whatever growing up, but I’m just nervous the diagnosis isn’t right or that I have some problem that’s not just some off dopamine levels in my frontal cortex, even though an immediate family member has it as well and was even able to tell me that strattera worked really well for them. My psychiatrist and therapist think it would be really beneficial, especially because I’ve tried so many anxiety-meds and none of it works, y’know? I guess medication just scares me, especially stimulants, and I know strattera isn’t technically a stimulant, it’s still a mind-altering chemical we came up with in a lab, y’know? I’m just curious as to other people’s experiences with it (strattera) specifically: did you still feel like yourself? Did it help at all? How were you able to tell? Also, did anyone feel like a sham during the first year of their diagnosis, especially considering how many kids incorrectly get diagnosis with it? Or did trying medication actually kind of lay that nagging to bed? Thanks for reading this; hopefully it makes some sort of sense.

      Edit: My psychiatrist was considering ritalin for a bit, but I have some weight issues and she’s worried I’ll drop more weight on a traditional stimulant considering they’re typically appetite supressing. My family member still experienced lack of appetite while on strattera; has anyone else also had this experience??

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      I too have ADD, a sub-type, Inattentive ADD. In doing trials to see what med would be best for me we went through Strattera. For me it had little positive effect. It did a few things for me, it made me ticklish! Surprising, since I have NEVER been ticklish. Ever! A second minor positive was I lost a small food anxiety that I didn’t know I had until it was gone. I didn’t have any other significant changes and we moved on to Adderall which worked to stimulate things in a good way, at first. A few months down the road it over stimulated something and released my inner a.s.s.hole. Ah well, it was good while it was good.

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      From my experience of trying non-stimulants none of them ever worked for me. Now I am on Concerta and I am on the lower dose — it has helped my ADHD symptoms with minimal side effects. It has even helped my anxiety I have from time to time
      I eat a high protein breakfast before my meds and during lunch I’ll eat some fruits. So eating is very manageable on these meds. However all meds effect people different but my DR says stimulants prove to be the most effective.

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      Penny Williams

      There’s more information on strattera and some user reviews here:


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