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      Hello! I have an appointment for diagnosis with my counselor tomorrow and I am very nervous! Up until now (I have been trying to figure out what’s the matter with me for the past 3 years) I have been diagnosed with depression and hypersomnia. Ive tried many antidepressants (SSRIs SNRIs) with absolutely no luck. I went to see a sleep doc and she ran some tests and decided that I have idiopathic hypersomnia and prescribed me some modafinil. It worked okay, not like I expected but eventually quit working entirely. She then put me on armodafinil and lexapro (ive been on lexapro before with no reaction) she says the lexapro was to help regulate my sleep cycles because I dont experience an effecient amount of REM sleep. So anyways, I ended up having kind of a depressing reaction to the lexapro quite quickly, within the first 2 weeks and this reaction only lasted for a couple days. She took me off of the lexapro and decided that I may be bipolar and my reaction to the lexapro was a manic one. It wasn’t a very intense reaction. I just kind of felt kind of down and hopeless and it didn’t last long. Isn’t it normal to feel worse before you feel better with SSRIs? Anyhow, I obsessed with finding a link to my behavior and bipolar disorder online. I took many quizzes and read many articles with a very open mind to it because I just want to figure out why i’m dysfunctional and I don’t seem to fit the bill for mania or hypomanis. I do not feel sad and down and suicidal followed by periods of elation or ups, I do however get agitated for short very brief periods. I have never been super sad or suicidal just unmotivated and tired. I came across an article about how bipolar, borderline personality, and adhd are frequently confused so I first looked up borderline personality disorder and didn’t relate, just like bipolar. Then I looked up ADHD and I relate to so many of the symptoms of ADHD! I lose things all the time, I forget everything, I fidget very badly, chew on my nails until their sore, I find it very hard to do everyday tasks, and I have impateince and impulsiveness that eats me alive inside. I have a very hard time listening to people unless i’m very interested, and my poor husband has to pick up the slack for me. I even keep my debit cards and IDs in his wallet so that I don’t lose them. Sorry this is so long, I just want to know if I did the right thing by making an appointment for ADHD diagnosis with my counselor, or if I should just trust the sleep doctor and let her experiment with bipolar meds with me! Any advice is very appreciated, thanks!

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