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    I’m wondering if there is any research/information on people with ADHD and Post-Concussive Syndrome.

    I was in an accident over 2 years ago and am still suffering from Post-Concussive Syndrome. I was diagnosed with ADHD before the accident and treatment was going well.

    I’m extremely frustrated as the PCS has made it so I cannot work, I can’t focus, reading is painful and disorienting. Yes I had difficulties before the accident, they were manageable I was a high functioning professional that thrived in a thrilling workplace.
    Now get exhausted after just going to doctor appointments. I can barely do household tasks and I can’t do most of the things I used to do.

    I’d love to know if anyone else out there is going through this, with the complications of ADHD added to the mix, and if there are any studies, books, articles that I should check out. (Note I’ve read the basic ADHD books, I’m a bit of a self-help book addict, so more just looking specifically for the head-injury portion with ADHD).


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    I am by no means a doctor. I did ask a neurologist, some years ago, if a concussion could cause ADHD. His reply was that a concussion would not cause ADHD, however a concussion can cause ADHD symptoms to become mormore apparent. Hope this helps.
    Remember our brain in neuroelastic, it might taktake time but your brain will heal from the concussion. Trust me.
    I am on recovery from a 3 concussion #PostConcussionMom

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