Concerta in 2018

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    Has anyone tried any of the newest Generics for Concerta?
    What has your experience been?
    Does anyone know about the delivery mechanism utilized on the new generics?
    The Trigen one uses an older osmosis delivery system but not the patented Osmotic controlled-release oral delivery system (OROS)


    Around 2014 Mallinckrodt and Kremers brought Concerta Generics to market that did not use the same delivery system.
    Many people filed complaints with the FDA and both drugs were subsequently downgraded to a BX rating because there was insufficient data to confirm bioequivalence.

    The next Generic was actual rebranded Concerta marketed by Actavis as a Generic.
    The original marketing agreement between Concerta maker Janssen and Actavis expired. December 31, 2017. It is not known if the agreement that brought us brand Concerta at generic prices has been renewed.

    In late 2017 more manufacturers have begun to enter the market:

    Trigen Laboratories
    Impax Laboratories

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    I just discovered that Trigen is Owned by Osmitica.
    The generic that they produce is being used by CVS as their preferred generic.
    It is indeed AB rated.

    In addition Corpharma received AB rating 07/14/2017 and AMNEAL PHARMS received AB rating 02/01/2018

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    Hi there,

    This is an ongoing concern.

    You can read some of the background here:

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    I don’t know much about this, but I can add some questions to make it more confusing. 😉

    From my limited understanding, the only thing that makes Concerta special is its delivery system. Otherwise, it’s just plain old methylphenidate. Right? Meaning it was itself kind of hybrid generic since the drug was nothing new and legal to produce as a generic.

    So, does that mean a generic Concerta lives in sort of a legal grey area since the drug itself is already a generic? And how can one have a generic Concerta that doesn’t have the exact same release mechanism? Are there other drugs like this, where the only patented part is the delivery system? And are they covered under the rules as other generics?

    The sad part is, I have no reason for getting these answers. 🙂

    These are things that keep me up at night . . .

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    I have read somewhere that CVS is not carrying the Brand generic as they call Concerta. Well to have a bigger issue for me in this whole Trigen Labs generic, my RX plan by Aetna won’t pay for Concerta. They only will pay for the Trigen version and to get Concerta my physicians need to write a letter to them as to why I need brand over genertic. I don’t know if anyone has had any side effects to the Trigen but it gives me like a over caffinated feeling and I get raging headaches. I never had that with the Concerta. I hate that my RX company is deciding my medications for me. Not all generics are the same and it annoys me that I wasn’t informed that it was not covered that’s why the generics.

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    My daughter began taking Concerta Brand last October and in December we went to a different pharmacy and we were able to get the authorized generic by Actavis (which is bio-identical and has the same delivery system as Brand Concerta by Janseen). During open season, I signed up for a $300.00 policy for my daughter (alone) so that the Actavis would be covered). It is the delivery system that made Concerta/Actavis work so well for my daughter, who is in high school and has homework late into the evening.

    Well when went to get my first prescription of the new year. I was told (and have it in writing) that CVS would only authorize the Trigen brand and that CVS was reserving the authorized generic – same as Brand Concerta for individuals with Medicaid.

    This does not even seem legal. What has been others experience with CVS and Actavis
    Does anyone know which pharmacy I can get Actavis Brand for my daughter.

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    CVS is only dispensing Trigen. I also have Aetna RX insurance and they recently bought into CVS so I can’t get Brand generic either. I have to “jump thru hoops” getting a letter of necessity to get it approved.

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    Walgreens dispenses original brand.

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    So my insurance approved the original version. Ofcourse at a cost of $234 a month!! THIS IS JUST INSANITY!!! This is also why people don’t stay medicated. Insurance companies determining what they feel is the appropriate medications and what they will pay for over not.

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    Walgreens filled my son’s concerta script with mallinckrodt generic form. after reading some info and posts here and this article I made an issue of it. Talked to pharmacy, they said it was state law to fill with a generic form. I told them this generic form was rejected by the FDA 2 years ago! she said to call my doctor and specify name brand. just made the call and awaiting a response…

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    While the Mallinckrodt generic and a couple others lost their generic equivalency status, they weren’t pulled from the market. The chains should not be using them but they are.

    There is a true generic equivalent for Concerta, made by the brand company. It’s sold under Actavis. Walgreens uses this as their generic in my area — I thought it was a company-wide policy. You can always ask your pharmacist to stock a particular manufacturer for you. They more say no, but some will do it.

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    We’ve been using the Actavis generic brand for our kids for several years. I went to refill our prescriptions yesterday and after visits/calls to 6 different pharmacies, all said they do not carry the Actavis generic. They only carry Trigen and Amneal. I by chance went to a different Walgreens and the pharmacist said that although they may have a contract with a specific generic brand, they could sill special order Actavis if they didn’t have it. They had the 27 mg in stock so I was able to get that filled last night. They ordered the 36mg and it will be ready tomorrow. I explained to the pharmacist that no other pharmacy I had contacted offered that or gave me this option. He said next time I need to refill, just ask them to special order the Actavis brand/generic.

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