Concerta in 2018

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    Has anyone tried any of the newest Generics for Concerta?
    What has your experience been?
    Does anyone know about the delivery mechanism utilized on the new generics?
    The Trigen one uses an older osmosis delivery system but not the patented Osmotic controlled-release oral delivery system (OROS)


    Around 2014 Mallinckrodt and Kremers brought Concerta Generics to market that did not use the same delivery system.
    Many people filed complaints with the FDA and both drugs were subsequently downgraded to a BX rating because there was insufficient data to confirm bioequivalence.

    The next Generic was actual rebranded Concerta marketed by Actavis as a Generic.
    The original marketing agreement between Concerta maker Janssen and Actavis expired. December 31, 2017. It is not known if the agreement that brought us brand Concerta at generic prices has been renewed.

    In late 2017 more manufacturers have begun to enter the market:

    Trigen Laboratories
    Impax Laboratories

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    I just discovered that Trigen is Owned by Osmitica.
    The generic that they produce is being used by CVS as their preferred generic.
    It is indeed AB rated.

    In addition Corpharma received AB rating 07/14/2017 and AMNEAL PHARMS received AB rating 02/01/2018

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