Concerta: how long to trial before decide its not working???

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      So we just began a trial of concerta 18mg on my 7 year old who is “high functioning” autistic and ADHD.
      The first day was ok- he was more focused and positive. A few hiccups in the late afternoon and then he couldn’t sleep till late (he is also on clonidine and melatonin for sleep, because he has ongoing sleep issues). Now today, the second day, he is irritable, not eating, refusing to do anything at school, obviously exhausted and having emotional outbursts.
      Should we wait to see if the sleep problem gets better as he gets used to the concerta? Is this (insomnia) a side effect that is bad at first but can improve?
      It’s hard to tell if this is the wrong medication and it’s not working if he’s not sleeping. Was that first day just a good fluke?
      How long do we go on with this trial until we decide it’s not working for him?

      Thanks for any input.

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      Penny Williams

      There’s definitely a period of adjustment when starting ADHD medication, more so for young kids it seems.

      Here are some insights on finding the right medication and dosage:

      Rule #2: Don’t Expect the First ADHD Medication to Work

      ADHD Medications Rarely Work Perfectly On the First Try

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      Penny’s articles are great!

      My 11 year old son has been on Concerta since he was 8. Concerta wasn’t the first medication we tried, and we didn’t expect it to be since our doctor informed us that its a trial and error process between finding the right medication and the right dosage. I’d work closely with your son’s doctor. The first week my son was on a new medication, I’m sure I called the doctor at least a handful of times. And the doctor would have us come back about a month after starting a new medication so she could talk to me and my son about how the medication was working out.

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