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    I have been on Concerta 72mg (36mg x2) for over a year now i recently went to my family physician as I have found the Concerta at its current dose only seems to last approximately 6-8hrs if that then I become unfocused, irritable, extremely hungry, and very tired. He wants me to be re-evaluated by a Psychiatrist before he prescribes anything and being in Ontario Canada it’s a 4-6 week wait before I can get into the Psychiatrist for a one time evaluation.

    With all that said it’s now been 4 weeks since my Dr appointment for the referral and now when my meds wear off I get terrible headaches to the point where I have taken 400mg Advil for migraines, I have tried taken Tylenol 500mg (not both at same time or on same day) and the headache doesn’t go away. I am tired of the headaches and tired of the “Concerta Crash” and I tried to even quit taking the meds a couple of days ago in which the headaches were to unbearable that that I had to take the Concerta to just get rid of headache.

    With being in limbo waiting on appointment with Psychiatrist and then an appointment with my Family Doctor I don’t know what to do, has anyone else gone through this or have suggestions on how to get rid of headaches/crash.


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    Penny Williams

    Reach back out to your family doctor and share the information on your headaches with them. Ask what you can/should do until you are able to meet with the psych finally.

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      Ok that was one of my next thought! I really just want off the meds period, this all started 5 years ago when I started to have issues staying awake late in the day and the Doctor sent me for a sleep study which showed no signs of Narcolepsy or Sleep apnea so it was diagnosed as Overactive Daytime Sleepiness then I was prescribe Modafinil and I got headaches every time I took the meds. then I was switched to Vyvanse for 3 years that worked but I got really bad anxiety no matter the dose, after two more sleep studies and another sit down with a one time appointment with a Psychiatrist it was deemed not a sleep issue but that I have ADHD at 34 and it should of been addressed when I was a kid.

      I’m at the point I’m worn out I don’t want to be on anything cause it’s not worth the aggravation, but if I’m not on anything I forget things get side tracked etc. So I’m dreading this Psychiatrist appointment because I feel I might say I don’t want to be on anything and boom I’m right back to where I started.

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    I’m on the same dose: 72mg Concerta in the morning. If I take it at 7am I’m a monster by 3(time to pickup kids from school). My psychiatrist prescribed 5mg methylphenidate to take at 2pm (no later or you may build a pumpkin carriage until midnight). It helps a bit, but I’m still a grouch with a headache when it wears off at 5 or 6. Taking a vitamin B complex at noon, and Nuun electrolyte tablet (with 40 mg of caffeine) between 1 and 2pm helps. Eating protein, NOT skipping meals helps, ibuprofen if it’s really bad.

    Hang in there. I totally get it. Unfortunately, Concerta has been the best med for me yet, so I’m willing to work with the crash.

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      Thanks for info at-least I’m not alone I take protein everyday as well as vitamin b complex. I am also a shift worker Days/afternoons at 10hrs a day I’m up at 5am one week and 10am the next, not complaining about that but it’s not consistent on when I can take my meds.

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